Horn GmbH


HORN was founded in 1945 in Singen (Hohentwiel) in the German state of Baden-Württemberg and quickly developed into one of the leading suppliers of flexible silicone-based heating elements.

We have been developing and producing flexible silicone heating for operating temperatures of up to 240°C according to the highest quality and safety standards in close coordination with our clients since the beginning of the 1960s. The company moved to its current location in Gottmadingen, Germany in 1970, which was expanded in 1985 to include Plant 2. Today, more than 100 employees work at HORN in the most modern jobs. Over 3 million HORN silicone heaters are in use worldwide.

Thanks to the differentiated tasks of our clients from the widest range of industries, we have aligned our production with customer-specific solutions. We produce individual pieces as well as items for large-scale production and our products are absolutely free from maintenance.

HORN supplies among other things: Flexible silicone heating, adhesive heating, vulcanized heating, preformed heating sleeves, half shells for tubes, heating plates, heating profiles, container heaters, heating hoses, drum heaters, cabinet heaters, units and components
As well as silicone heating, HORN develops, produces and sells other products made from silicone: Silicone moulded parts, stimulation current electrodes, neutral electrodes, septa, silicone-metal connections, silicone-Teflon connections, silicone combinations from electrically conductive and non-conductive raw materials as well as silicone punched parts. These components are used in engineering, medical technology, physical therapy as well as other industries.

HORN chain guard: As well as products made from silicone, HORN also produces components for bike manufacturers and the wholesale bicycle trade. Consequently, we are a leading supplier of bike chain guards. We develop and design functional and technically sophisticated models with the appropriate fasteners. The product range offers rounded, attractive models made from metal and plastic in all frame and circuit variations.

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