Horst Walberg Trockenfrucht Import GmbH


The "Horst Walberg Trockenfrucht Import GmbH" (Dried Fruit Import - Close Cooperation) - short "HOWA" - provides dried fruits, nutpits, nuts and seeds – high quality products at prices in line with the market. We make sure that all our products deriving from organic and conventional farming correspond to european and german food laws.

We maintain long lasting relations with the most of our worldwide distributors and know very well about their sustainable production methods. Thanks to complete documentation of all transport and distribution, we can determine the origin of every single shipment.

Concerning the check-up of the product quality, we rely solely on officially recognized laboratories and commercial chemists. Products are getting examined bio-analytically on any possible residue or contaminant content. If the product can match our sophisticated quality standards, it will be transferred as fast as possible to our factory, which follow strict HACCP guidelines. There it will be stored temperature-controlled.

Naturally, we also deliver our products directly to your basements in Germany and all over Europe – the long lasting collaboration with our in-house carriers guarantee a reliable delivery on schedule. You can take it for granted: At HOWA you will only get high quality, natural products.

Import, export, whole sale and processing of dried fruits, nut kernels, nuts and seeds. Other products are almond specialities, burnt peanuts, cashew nuts, cedar nuts, dried cranberries, dates, filling of stand-up pouches, film packaging services, food packaging services, forage seeds, freeze-dried fruits, candied fruit, dried fruit chips, dried fruits, ginger, grain, hazelnuts, linseed, macadamia nuts, natural food, nut products, oilseeds, organic products, packaging services for dried fruit, packaging services for nuts (tree), packaging services for snack products, peanuts, pine nuts, pistachios, prunes, pumpkin seeds, raisins, raw almonds, seed grain, sesame seed, sugar roasted almonds, sunflower seeds, tubular bag filling services, walnuts and more.

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