House of Ducentis


House of Ducentis is a thriving online furniture store in the UK, offering a wide variety of designer mirrors and furniture that range from the chic-to-the-modern, sleek-to-the-classic and many more. Our online furniture store provides a selection of unique furniture, including a number of handmade furniture pieces, offering something special for any space no matter the size. With our wide range of products and unusual designs, we strive to be one of the best furniture stores, and hope to cater to everyone's individual styles.


Our range of mirrors can be used in all manner of places around the home. A dynamic mirror such as our arched mirrors can brighten up a hall way or entrance hall, bringing in additional flair through the elegant curves and unusual shapes that catch the eye. Each mirror provides its own unique charm to the room, there is bound to be one to fit to any decor.

Dressing Table Mirrors

These beautiful dressing table mirrors exude luxury through their quality build, each with their own unique look and feel. Our dressing table mirrors can be used as a stand alone piece or part of a matching set so you can achieve a wholesome and unique look with ease and at a great price.

We offer a range of dressing table mirrors, including the ever popular triple dressing table mirrors that cater to all styles. We also offer a number of dressing tables with mirrors, providing an elegant all in one solution

Bookshelves and Bookcases

House of Ducentis offers a selection of bookshelves for sale, all of which offering their own unique style and charm that make a dramatic impact in any room. Our distinguished selection of wooden bookcases allows for plenty of storage space for books, photo frames, ornaments.

A bookshelf makes the perfect addition to any home, fitting well in any room, including hallways, further displaying the family's collection of curios and memories.

Rugs & Carpets

Our beautiful designer rugs are hand picked and handmade just for you - many of our designs are not found anywhere else in the UK.

Rugs can add a sense of style to a room, our large rugs make a bold statement in all rooms, bringing in new colours, textures, and patterns into it. Alongside our large rugs, we also stock a number of shaggy rugs, ideal for those dreaded cold winters where cold flooring will trouble you no more, making your home all the more cozy during these cold months.

We also offer a number of hallway runner rugs, making a welcoming addition to the entry way of any home.

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