Howco Metals Management

Howco Group, one of the largest independent processors and distributors of speciality steels, is today leaner, more efficient and focused on developing its core competencies to deliver higher quality, more value and service enhancements to its customers.

With the resources, skills and world-class know-how, Howco Group is building on the present to create a powerful future.

The Howco Approach is to provide a tailored solution for each customer, scaleable to meet individual needs and implemented to provide the most value.

Industry has seen a shift in management processes, information systems and competitive purchasing techniques. The changes have enabled Howco to deliver higher levels of value, not only in the general flow and cost of materials, but also in designing - material supply, engineering, processing, and purchasing solutions across different product lines.

The Howco approach identifies untapped sources of value across all functions and identifies areas of improvement within the supply chain, leveraging customer's methodologies, systems and expertise to provide a value-based supply chain transformation.

Our goal is to allow customers to focus on their core competencies while at the same time freeing-up untapped sources of value through providing:
  •  Industry Knowledge and Expertise
  •  Application of best practice and lessons learned
  •  Seamless end-to-end integration of the value chain
  •  Reduced stock - outs / down time / inventory
  •  Reduced costs / improved cash flow
  •  Increased delivery reliability
  •  Release of resources - staff / facilities / cash
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