Howdan Marketing


Howdan marketing is a full service marketing and design agency created to offer a cost effective but reliable service to businesses across the UK. We create marketing campaigns without the big words and nonsense, and most importantly we cater to your budget as we understand that each and every business is unique.

The team at Howdan have many years’ experience in design and marketing and have worked in a variety of different industries, meaning we now offer a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your marketing and design needs.

Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC)

Search engine pay-per-click advertising is basically placing your advert at the top of search engine when a person searches for something specific. PPC is one of the most measurable forms of marketing and allows you to keep track of the results such as the amount of views, clicks and enquiries that come from each advert.

Managing your advertising campaigns can be time consuming, let alone confusing at times. Howdan Marketing can manage your monthly advertising set on a budget of your choice, with regular reports on how it is performing.

Social media management

Social media is no longer an option for a business, it is now a necessity in order to reach potential and existing customers and to enhance brand credibility.

We work on behalf of our clients to build their social media profiles and create marketing campaigns. You have your own account manager who deals with you directly and reports on the activity each month, such as how much interaction there has been and how well your campaigns have performed.

Training Courses

We understand that some businesses prefer to carry out their own marketing in house, which is why we offer a range of training courses to assist companies in developing their skills in certain areas of marketing such as SEO, social media and online PR, web design and more.

Our courses are designed to teach you how to competently carry out these services in house. Each course comes with a lesson plan and a booklet with the days’ information to take home. Howdan also gives an extra 3 months support to everyone who attends the training days.

Web design

Web design is one of our specialities here at Howdan Marketing. We create easy to use, SEO friendly websites which are specifically tailored to your needs.

Not only is it important for your website to look great, but it should emulate your brand and what your company stands for as it is essentially the face of your company. We work closely with each client to develop a mobile friendly website that not only works effectively for the customers, but for our clients too.

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