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Hoyer Multilog - More than just a rental company!

Internationally renowned and supplying all major industry sectors, blue chip companies, distributors and manufacturers, Hoyer Multilog are Europe's Premier IBC & Pallecon Rental Company

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IBC Containers

Our IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) and Pallecons are dedicated to industry sectors covering everything from food and pharmaceutical to industrial chemical, flexible enough to cope with the smallest trial to a large production run.

We offer a competitive and dynamic range designed to meet every customers exact requirements. Our customers include the likes of Cadburys, Barry Callebout, Premier Foods, and Masterfoods

IBC Rental

Variety through Individuality

HOYER Multilog has everything you need: We hold a wide range of different types of IBC in our inventory, each with appropriate accessories for all products in the fields of chemicals and foodstuffs. The right one for you is guaranteed to be in our line-up.

In addition to heatable IBCs, our aseptic IBCs, for example, allow sensitive products to be transported and stored under sterile conditions. Dangerous goods approval and certificates document our commitment to the highest levels of safety.

The rental terms are yours to decide - from a few days to several years - anything is possible.

Bulk Logistics

Full Service: Worldwide Logistics Solutions for predominantly liquid Products in Tank Containers, Road Tankers and IBC

The product portfolio includes both high-quality special products with specific logistic requirements as well as standardised bulk goods.

In the field of intermodal transport, HOYER Group's capacity to move a wide spectrum of goods via road, rail and sea remains virtually unparalleled within Europe.

As a client, you will gain immediate benefit from our:

  • Comprehensive European network, with local service and expertise
  • Centrally controlled background processes
  • Established contacts

Fruit Pods

How will this benefit your business?

  • No commitment capital
  • Availability at short notice
  • Increased turnaround for your IBCs

We offer electric heating, agitation to bag in a box, pallecon, disposal and cleaning services. Also a comprehensive tracking system and will undertake Fleet Management and supply chain solutions.

Transport Logistics

Safely to your Destination

Sensitive, high-quality products need to be transported, stored and transshipped carefully. In this situation, it all depends on experienced specialists. In addition, we are not restricted in any way by capacity limitations.

Fleet Management

Everything in one Place

Just transport, that is not enough for us. HOYER Group is not just concerned with smooth transport but with the adjoining flows of information. In the fastest possible way.

Cost Effectiveness through Information

  • There and back: transport logistics and equipment management.
  • Tailor-made: IBC logistics solutions for all ranges of application.
  • Whether it is our IBC or your IBC: we optimise all container fleets.
  • Faster IBC turnaround: for improved capacity utilisation and lower costs.
  • Company wide communication:
    our information management reduces effort and costs, improves both flexibility and customer relations.

Technical Services

IBC logistics made by HOYER: this is much more than simple rentals. We clean and repair your IBCs, too. Our depots ensure that the IBC is there where you need it to be - fast.

Comprehensive Service without Limits

  • International: cleaning stations, workshops and depots throughout Europe: all meeting consistent HOYER standards.
  • Strict according to the law: we carry out legally prescribed periodic testings.
  • Fully automatic: our IBC cleaning facilities take both product specification and the environment into account.
  • Without differences: our service offer in terms of cleaning, workshop and depot is not just for us but is at your disposal for your IBCs as well.

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More than just Rental
Everything under one roof all around the IBC. That is the Full Service from HOYER.

Your Benefits

  • No commitment capital
  • Availability at short notice
  • Increased turnaround for your IBCs

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