Hqc Ltd.

HQC has supplied Metal Enclosures to its UK & Global customer base for more than 20 years.

Our experience in the design & manufacture of Metal Enclosures, racks and cabinets ensures you will have the enclosure you want, when you want it.

Our products and services include:-
  • Bespoke design and manufacture of Metal enclosures.
  • Custom made cabinets and wallboxes. 
  • Electronic enclosures (EMC capability)
  • Racks, Frames, components and accessories.
  • Design review and verification of your requirements.
  • Quick turnaround prototypes.
  • In House manufacturing, Painting and Screen Printing.
  • Established system assembly and integration process.
  • Dedicated antistatic integration area with Burn In & Test capability.
  • ISO9001:2000, UL audited & approved site. 
Learn more about  HQC at  www.hqc.co.uk


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