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HTS INDUSTRIAL - Are the leading manufacturers of temporary warehouses, temporary warehouse buildings, and modular temporary warehousing for both semi-permanent and permanent use - available for both sale and hire throughout the UK and Eire.

Our diverse range of temporary warehouses and modular buildings are designed to suit all requirements and budgets. Whether it a standard temporary warehouse building or a bespoke, custom-designed modular building - we have the design and technical expertise as well as a vast manufacturing capacity that enables us to realize any sized project.

HTS INDUSTRIAL manufactures and supplies four types of temporary warehouse buildings:

Canopy buildings, for general covered space solutions

Non-insulated buildings, for general temporary warehouse storage

Thermo-insulated temporary buildings, for more sensitive storage.

Fully Part L2A Compliant, - Composite roofed and walled, fully air tight and UK Building Regulation approved permanent modular buildings.

Temporary Buildings

Available for sale, rental or lease throughout the UK, Eire and worldwide, our range of temporary buildings provide clients with instant covered space solutions suitable for a multitude of industrial and specialist applications. These include: general temporary storage buildings, distribution, factories, waste management, retail trading floors, aviation, ports, military and leisure facilities. 

We provide our customers with unbeatable quality and value for money. Our functional temporary modular buildings can be assembled, extended, taken down or relocated with the minimal disruption and unparalleled speed of construction when compared with traditional construction methods.

With years of product testing and operational use, our robust modular structures are reliable and proven in virtually all types of application and environments throughout the UK, Eire, mainland Europe and the rest of the world.

Temporary Buildings

Modular Building

HTS INDUSTRIAL building systems combine the performance expected from building methods, with the advantages that only pre-fabricated, modular building construction offers. Our innovative construction method for semi-permanent and permanent portable buildings enables them to be erected efficiently and far more economically compared with traditional methods.      click here to view the product range

The extensive range of temporary building systems available from HTS-INDUSTRIAL offers customers a variety of cost effective building solutions suited to meet all applications and budgets.   Our extensive range of modular buildings offers clients numerous building sizes and designs to suit most needs: Standard widths from 5.00m – 30.00m (larger spans available on request).
Eave heights from 4.20m – 6.20m (higher eave heights available).
Fully engineered to comply with UK Building Regulations - BS-6399.
A choice of cladding systems for both operational and aesthetic needs.
A range of functional and cost effective accessory products for all buildings.
Available for sale or hire throughout the UK & Eire.  
All HTS INDUSTRIAL modular portable buildings and temporary warehouses are manufactured in-house from a combination of highly durable, robust and maintenance free, structural grade aluminium combined with corrosive resistant hot dipped galvanised steel.
Modular Building

Temporary Storage

The WS range of temporary warehouses, manufactured by HTS INDUSTRIAL represents excellent value for money. Lightweight Storage Buildings:

As a leading manufacturer of de-mountable temporary warehouse buildings, we have recently launched this competitively priced, fully British Standard-certified range of temporary warehouse building systems especially for clients looking for a budget covered-space solution without compromise on quality or structural integrity.   As with all HTS INDUSTRIAL storage buildings, strength and durability are the key features of the design. The main framework of the WS temporary warehouse building is manufactured from maintenance free, highly durable and robust extruded structural grade aluminium alloy for the main framework together with corrosive -resistant hot - dipped galvanised steel for all connecting sections.   Key Features include: Available in widths from 5.00m – 20.00m.
Can be ordered, delivered and installed within days of your enquiry.
Does not require expensive foundations i.e. installed on to your existing site.
Manufactured in Germany using only quality European-sourced materials.
Designed in compliance with UK wind and snow loading code BS6399.
WS Storage buildings are available in 3 standard designs:   1 ECONOMY STORAGE BUILDINGS: The entry-level building is supplied with a tensioned one-piece industrial grade PVC roof and wall cover which is tensioned to the ground anchor plates. This basic starter unit is supplied with an easy to use lockable PVC door unit as standard, and offers customers a high quality, fully engineered building that will ensure the stored contents are well protected from extremes of weather. 2 STANDARD STORAGE BUILDINGS: This building is supplied with the same framework as the economy temporary warehouse but is supplied with a single layer roof system and security - sealed corrugated steel sheet walling. 3 PREMIUM STORAGE BUILDINGS: Although the framework is identical to that used for the Economy and Standard models, this temporary warehouse building is supplied with energy- efficient insulated composite walling as well as a double THERMO inflatable roof system. This reduces condensation and creates good insulation and reduces heating costs. Note: All HTS INDUSTRIAL temporary buildings and can be configured to fit your exact site and operational requirements. They can be further enhanced by adding one of the many accessory items we offer for our modular temporary warehouse buildings.
Temporary Storage

Canopy Temporary Buildings

Our modular canopy building system can be installed on all types of ground surfaces and provides an excellent and economical covered space solution for a huge variety of applications such as logistical loading and unloading areas, aviation shelters and temporary outdoor storage. Quick link to the Canopy range.

This type of temporary storage building uses a single layer, industrial grade, flame retardant white PVC coated fabric for the roof sections (other colours are available on request).It can be supplied in either translucent material, meaning natural light transmits through the covering creating a naturally lit environment within the temporary building during daylight hours thus reducing the cost of artificial lighting.  Alternatively, roofs can be supplied with OPAQUE PVC material which blocks out 100% of natural light and is applicable in certain areas of operational use.

Key features of our modular canopy buildings include: Buildings available from 5.00m – 30.00m in clear span width.
Buildings may be extended to any length in increments of 5.00m.
Eave heights available from 3.20m – 6.20m (other heights available).
Robust, durable and proven in 100’s of applications.  
Quick to deliver and install, and available for rental, sale or lease purchase.
Manufactured in Germany using only European sourced materials.
Full compliance with stringent UK Building Regulations BS6399 Part 2 1997 & Part 3 1998.
Strength and durability are the key features of our structures. The main framework of our portable buildings are manufactured from maintenance free, highly durable and robust extruded structural grade aluminium alloy for the main uprights, rafters and roof purlins and corrosive resistant hot dipped galvanised steel for all connection pieces.  All HTS INDUSTRIAL structure frames are supplied with a comprehensive ten year warranty against material defects.   All HTS INDUSTRIAL portable canopy buildings and temporary warehouses can be configured to your exact site and operational requirements and can be further enhanced by adding one of the many accessory items we offer for all of our modular buildings and temporary storage structures.
Canopy Temporary Buildings

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