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Huizhou Hangboo Biotech Co.,Ltd. is located at the beautiful bank of East River in Huizhou,China. Its a high technology enterprise specialized in the technology research and development on essence and electronic cigarette tobacco tar as well as producing and selling its high-tech products. In addition, its one of the few enterprises mastering the secretive recipe of E-liquid and its production craftwork inside China. Besides, its an entity enterprise specialized in E-liquid production rather than a commercial firm.

Our company used to develop and produce the plant extracts (including tobacco leaf extract) at the very beginning. Thus, a long history of developing plant extracts offered us a rich experience in cigarette used essence and tobacco tar extraction technology. Whats more, our company owned a research and development team specialized in Tobacco liquid extraction combined with tobacco tar in Yunnan Chinas major tobacco growing area. Our team established strategic cooperate partner relationships with several academic institutions in succession which strongly guaranteed the technology support for the development and research of new products. Taking advantage of our abundant technical force, advanced measuring method and a complete quality control system, aiming to innovate both technology and products, our company possessed a unique core competitive power and advancing technical advantages mounting other companies on the basis of ample living resources in Yunnan province .

"Focus made us more professional". We adopted high-tech extraction technology to extract the natural essence representing the tobacco smell comprising aromatic oil,phenols and ketone from tobacco leaves. Senior engineers who compounded the substances were enjoyed high reputations in industry and they were the pioneers conducting the E-liquid research and development in China. Consequently, the E-liquid turned out to be containing no chemical components,which was sheer natural, green and safe enough to meet the request of smokers by unique cigarette smell and taste, at the same time, it wont harm their health. These merits made it the ideal substitute of cigarettes.

The production and management of our company were in conformity with the ISO 22000 food security management system and GMP standard provisions. The overall production process was conducted in class 100,000 clean workshop. Our products have already been examined by international famous quality certification organizations including Swiss SGS and Germany TUV, we got the certifications correspondingly. In fact, we could make E-liquid in accordance with the flavor of various prevalent tobacco brands throughout the world, such as Marlboro,555,Camel,Dunhill and Cigar. Besides, we can provide E-liquid in any flavor or density such as the Frutta, Menthol,Beverage, Chocolate etc.

Adhering to the principle of "Customer paramount and quality first", our product aimed to achieve the goals"natural,green, safe". Through unremitting efforts, we improved the well know level of our products and Hangboo brand on the market. Our products were acclaimed by purchasing agents and customers throughout the world as the increasing influential.

We warmly welcome our dear clients come to our company and taste various flavors by yourselves.

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