HUK Vacuum Equipment


We have a wide range of over 20,000 vacuum cups and fittings available. Every application is different so we will help you find the most suitable vacuum cup for you.

Vacuum Pipettes

Our vacuum pipettes are the perfect solution for the safe and simple handling of SMD components. The vacuum pipettes are light, cost effective and are ideal for a variety of smooth surface and small parts as they are easy to use. They can lift items up to 80g and are operated by a vacuum generator. You will find the vacuum pipette a valuable piece of equipment and it has a compartment to store tips and cup within the grip.

Vacuum Filters

Our vacuum components can be protected by vacuum filters. The vacuum filters protect pumps from dirt and dust, which can cause damage and wear and even work in damp conditions. The replaceable cartridges are made from stainless steel and can offer a wide spectrum for a vacuum generation system. 

Vacuum Switches

Our vacuum switches provide direct switching of electrical consumers. The vacuum switches give an IP-55 class protection and have an adjustable switching point.

Vacuum Valves

We supply a wide range of vacuum valves including a variety of touch valves, non-return valves, manual valves and flow control valves as well as electromagnetic valves and butterfly valves. If you require technical information about our vacuum valves you can download further information from our website. 

Vacuum Pumps

We offer a wide range of vacuum pumps including:

  • DO.18B + DO.205C = Rotary Vane Pumps, oil lubrified
  • DT.16B = Rotary Vane Pumps, oil free
  • DFZ.2C = Rotary Fine Vane Pumps
  • KE.1.9A = Piston Vacuum Pumps, oil free

Our vacuum pumps are suitable for various different requirements; ask our friendly staff for more information and advice.

Flat Suction Cups

Our flat vacuum cups give lateral stability due to their suction process shape and positional accuracy when depositing the material. The flat vacuum cup provides even more lateral firmness as it has supporting ribs which prevents slippage especially when tilting oily automotive sheets as they improve the active suction area and force. They are ideal when lifting items vertically as they provide lateral stability.

Bellows Suction Cups

Bellows suction cups can adapt themselves flexibly to a surface, so they are the perfect solution for uneven surfaces that are very light and sensitive. When using suction to lift work the bellows fold together in a flexible manner so that they can lift parts at varying heights. Our bellows suction cups can be used when there are irregularities and height differences and a vertical stroke is needed but their vertical motion range is limited.


Our grabbers are cost efficient and are available in five sizes with release buttons. They have high holding power and are easy to use with no pump required. Most of our grabbers are readily available in stock.

Suction Lifters

Our suction lifters have an excellent lifting force and can lift a capacity of 15kg. The suction lifters are perfect for lifting glass, tiles, plastic and wood.

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