Hulme Martin Heat Sealers Ltd


Hulme Martin manufactures a range of impulse sealers offering seals from 230mm to 760mm. We build both hand and foot operated bag sealers that have been used in industries for over 60 years. Our impulse sealers are built to the highest standards and offer longevity second to none. We stock machines and all the spares for Hulme Martin heat sealers. They provide a low cost reliable solution for thousands of applications.

Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum sealers are used for many applications where a greater protection of the product is required. There are 2 types of vacuum sealers:

Chamber Vacuum sealers are manufactured from stainless steel making them ideal for medical and food applications; they are used for many other uses. With a chamber sealer the whole product is placed inside the chamber so the size of the product is a limitation.

Probe vacuum sealers have no size limitations. The product is placed into a bag and the open bag is placed over a nozzle, which sucks the air out of the bag. Once the desired vacuum level is achieved the seal jaws are closed to produce the vacuumed bag. These can be manufactured in various sizes and materials. We offer semi-automatic machines and pneumatic automatic vacuum sealers.

Bag Sealers

We manufacture bag sealers to a high specification. With over 60 years of experience, we take pride in our reliable and cost-effective bag sealers. Our inhouse quality and function tests so have proven our bag sealers are meant to last, and are customers can prove it.

Foot Operated Heat Sealers

We supply impulse and crimp sealers from 340mm to 760mm are standard.

Chamber and Probe Vacuum Sealers

We stock an impressive range of probe and chamber vacuum sealers.

Hulme Martin

Hulme Martin builds bag sealers to a high specification to ensure longevity second to none, with customers often still using them after 20+ years. With over 60 years of experience, our Hulme Martin's bag sealers offer a reliable and cost-effective solution to most heat sealing solutions. The machines are built to our high specifications with quality and function tests so have proven life spans – this is not a throw away item after a year or so of use!

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