Hunger Hydraulic UK Ltd

Hunger Hydraulic UK Ltd, member of the Hunger Group was founded in 1973 and for more than 40 years has established an excellent reputation as a supplier of high quality hydraulic cylinders and associated products such as:



  • From 32mm up to 2500mm bore diameter
  • Single and Double Acting
  • Stroke lengths up to 25 metres. Telescopic up to 50 metres.
  • Working pressures up to 1000 bar.
  • Special rod coatings for corrosion protection in aggressive environments.
  • Standard cylinders according to ISO, CETOP, DIN & NFPA dimensions.
  • Projects with certification by: GL, DNV, TUV, ABS.
  • Cylinders fully tested.

Seals and Bearings

  • Suitable for hydraulic & pneumatic cylinders.
  • Seals for rotary applications.
  • Low wear & friction offering stick-slip free movement.
  • Speeds up to 3 m/s.
  • Pressures up to 2000 bar.
  • Temperatures from -45ºC to 260ºC.
Seals and Bearings

Spherical Plain Bearings, Thrust Bearings and Rod ends

  • Steel/Steel – Steel/PTFE maintenance free.
  • From 20 mm to 1000 mm pin diameter.
  • Temperatures from -60ºC to 200ºC.
  • According to DIN & ISO dimensions.
  • Stainless steel and special versions available.
  • Standards are fully interchangeable with competitors.


    Spherical Plain Bearings, Thrust Bearings and Rod ends

    Rotary Actuators

    • Rack-Pinion design in single and double rack versions.
    • Rotation up to 720°.
    • Torque output up to 190,000 N·m.


    Rotary Actuators

    Rotary Distributors

    • Units with up to 44 Channels.
    • Surface speed up to 6 m/s.
    • Pressure up to 400 bar.
    • Suitable for Multiples Fluids & Electric signals.
    Rotary Distributors

    Hydraulic Power Units

    • Complete solutions combined with cylinder projects.
    • Customised designs.
    • Installation and commissioning on site available.
    Hydraulic Power Units

    Business Portfolio

    As an application-oriented partner Hunger Hydraulic realises ideas in successful products together with it's customers. From the first customer advisory session, through the engineering, the certification procedure and production, to services such as installation and commissioning - our customers will be accompanied by our sales and engineering team.

    We have successfully participated in the following sectors:

    • Offshore / Oil & Gas
    • Renewable Energy
    • Civil Engineering
    • Bridge Building
    • Aerospace
    • Hydraulic Presses
    • Equipment for Aluminium Plants
    • Equipment for Steel Works
    • Hydroelectric Power Plants
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Equipment for Surface and Underground Mining
    Business Portfolio

    Hunger Hydraulic UK Ltd Overview