Hunger Hydraulic UK Ltd

Hunger Hydraulic UK Ltd, member of the Hunger Group was founded in 1973 and for more than 40 years has established an excellent reputation as a supplier of high quality hydraulic cylinders and associated products such as:


  1. Aluminium Casting Cylinders

    Aluminium Casting Cylinders

    Self Guided Vertical Casting Cylinders with Anti-Rotation

    HUNGER have produced over 200 aluminium casting cylinders with internal guiding & anti-rotation.

    Self-guided vertical casting cylinders are the standard of today, replacing the outdated externally guided machines with their inherent maintenance issues.

    Outstanding features of HUNGER vertical casting cylinders include pre-calculated high bending resistance under eccentric loading conditions together with an extremely precise anti-rotation device over the entire stroke.

    In addition, wear resistant piston rod coating Ceraplate® combined with HUNGER DFE seal and guiding elements guarantees stick-slip-free casting movement at very low casting speeds.

    Hunger also provide furnace tilting and door cylinders together with hydraulic power packs and control systems for the complete casting machine.

  2. Axial Spherical Plain Bearing GE..HSS

    Axial Spherical Plain Bearing  GE..HSS


    Angular contact Special plain bearing (Steel/Steel) to take radial and axial loads.

    *Dimensions as for tapered roller bearing series 320-X DIN 720 or ISO 335 as per DIN ISO 12240-2

  3. Axial Spherical Plain Bearing GE..HSW

    Axial Spherical Plain Bearing  GE..HSW


    Maintenance free angular contact special plain bearing (Steel/PTFE-Foil) to take radial and axial loads.

    Same as GE..HSS type in maintenance free version for shock free loading.

  4. Axial Spherical Plain Bearing GE..HX

    Axial Spherical Plain Bearing  GE..HX


    Robust axial spherical plain bearing (Steel/Steel) to withstand high shock loading.

    Dimensions as per DIN ISO 12240-3

  5. Axial Spherical Plain Bearing GE..HXW

    Axial Spherical Plain Bearing  GE..HXW


    Maintenance free axial spherical plain bearing (Steel/PTFE-Foil)

    Same as HX type in maintenance free version for shock free loads.

  6. Bearing Elements

    Bearing Elements

    FI, FAI & FA Bearing Elements

    HUNGER FI, FAI and FA bearings ring provide guiding and bearing surfaces for piston rods and pistons. Standard bearings are made from an extremely abrasion-resistant and low-friction POM-PTFE-Bronze compound.

    The U-shaped cross section provides additional security against axial movement and ensures no contact between piston rod and housing or piston and cylinder bore, even under high side loading conditions and with heavy wear.

  7. Ceraplate Coating

    Ceraplate Coating

    Ceraplate Coating

    Hydraulic cylinder piston rods may suffer reduced life when installed in aggressive environments for example: hydroelectric plants, marine & offshore equipment, mining industry, paper mill and printing industry, etc.

    As an alternative to conventional surface protection systems such as hardening, nitriding, hard chrome plating and nickel plating, HUNGER developed Ceraplate®, a coating technology which significantly improves surface protection against chemical attack and mechanical wear and tear.

    Technical details

    • Thermal sprayed Ni/Cr base layer and Cr2CO3/TiO2 top layer
    • Layer thickness: base layer approx. 150 µm and top layer approx. 200 µm
    • Hardness of top layer 950 HV to 1.050 HV
    • Surface superfinished to Ra = 0,15 µm
    • For piston rods up to a diameter of 1,500 mm and an length of 20 m


    Increased resistance to corrosion and chemical attack and increased resistance to abrasive an erosive wear and tear (Corrosion test according to DIN EN ISO 9227, 1,500 hours)

  8. CIPS Positioning System

    CIPS Positioning System

    CIPS Positioning System

    Hydraulic cylinders with Ceraplate® coating can be provided with an integrated position measuring system, with the measuring scale machined under the coating. A contactless sensor in the cylinder head operating under the Hall effect accurately measures the rod position.

    Technical facts 

    • Incremental measuring system with two phase displaced output channels
    • Resolution of measuring system: 1 mm
    • Max. output frequency: 25 kHz
    • Max. measuring length: 20 m
    • Max. piston rod diameter: 1,500 m
  9. Cylinder Repair

    Cylinder Repair

    Cylinder Maintenance & Repair

    Maintenance & repair of hydraulic cylinders of any type or size and from any manufacturer.

    High quality and repairs, to 'as new' condition with full warranty.

    Full inspection report prior to commencement of any work. Replacement and repair of damaged components with improvement and updating offered as option before work commences.

    Repairs to all types of hydraulic cylinder, for example:

    • Press cylinders
    • Crane cylinders
    • Firefighting cylinders
    • Civil Engineering cylinders
    • Casting cylinders
    • Mobile hydraulics cylinders
    • Heavy duty cylinders
    • Standard cylinders
    • Special cylinders
  10. GB Plain Bush

    GB Plain Bush

    GB Plain Bush

    The GB bush has a strong steel outer body with internal glued in composite metal fabric/PTFE-Graphite compound bearing layer ensuring excellent dry running properties.

    • Dimensions from 40mm to 250 mm internal diameter
    • Maximum sliding speed v=2m/s
    • Operating temperature from -40 to +120°C
    • Outer body also available in stainless steel or steel with corrosion-resistant protective layer
    • Excellent dry running properties due to PTFE-Graphite compound bearing layer (additional lubrication of the bush not necessary) with very low friction coefficient, virtually identical static and dynamic friction and stick-slip free operation
    • Low thermal expansion and excellent thermal conduction properties
    • Excellent chemical resistance to most substances
    • Very high dimensional accuracy
    • Long life at high operational loads