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As a specialist IT Recruitment Agency HW Search & Selection works with Company's to find them the best Candidate's to the stated criteria using a mix of Headhunting, Database search and advertising.

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Recruitment Agency Office Servicing the North of England

We have an office in London and an office in Manchester serving the North of England. We are also top of Google for lots of search terms so get CV's that other agencies do not receive.

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Type of IT Jobs We Work On

We have consultants that work on all IT Jobs openings including;

  • Developers such as C#, PHP, Ruby and .NET
  • Database
  • Infrastructure
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Web Developers
  • Networking including CISCO
  • Security
  • ERP
  • including SAP
  • CRM

And last but by no means least Virtualisation.

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Type of Finance Jobs We Work On

We also have expertise in Finance and work with companies from all sectors to fill accountancy jobs, Trading and other all other finance related job openings throughout the UK both on a permanent or contract basis.

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How We Find the Best Candidates

How We Find the Best Candidates

We meet with every candidate and qualify them using specialist interview techniques. We ensure that every candidate has lots of relevant information about the company, culture and the job. We also check CV's for any grammatical mistakes and investigate any gaps in their CV.

We also assist candidates with interview techniques and how they should present themselves. The good news is that most of our consultants come from technical or financial backgrounds. We are able to call on their knowledge when interviewing candidates.

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Candidate Promise

Our Candidate Promise

We ensure that all your IT skills are highlighted on your CV to ensure that you are represented in the best light. We will never change your CV or put it in our own format though we will provide advice and work with you to ensure that you're CV looks the part.

We also provide all the company information including job specification, company website, address and dress code. As well as this we work with you to make sure you understand how to answer competency based interview questions. We also keep you informed throughout the process and provide you with detailed feedback.

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Recruitment Fee Structure

We offer very competitive IT recruitment fees structure if you use our IT Recruitment services exclusively or if you offer us a steady flow of IT job openings. As a medium sized IT Recruitment Agency with a boutique feel we take a lot of pride in providing first class customer service to both our Customers and Candidates. We understand the value of both. We love working on your IT Job openings and get a kick out of watching your company grow.

We work with Company's in the following sectors:

  • Finance
  • Mining
  • Public Sector
  • Consultancy
  • Health Sector

More sectors we work in: Education, IT Services, Publishing, New Media, Start Ups, FTSE 100 companies and more.

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Services We Provide

Services We Provide

IT Recruitment on a Contingency basis - (Placement fee only upon placement of the candidate) IT Recruitment on a Headhunting basis Managed Services - Manage all the IT Recruitment Agencies so that you don't have to. This is a global service.

Advertising Campaign - If you would like everyone to know about your job we have exclusive advertising deals with some of the leading Broadsheets.

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