Hydac Technology Ltd

All hydraulic components from a single source.

HYDAC manufactures all types of accumulators: Bladder, Piston, Diaphragm, Hydraulic damper. Typical applications: Energy storage, volume compensation, pulsation dampening and noise reduction in all industries.

Filtration Technology Components
Components, systems of filtering solid, liquid, gaseous contamination and water extraction from hydraulic and lubrication operating media for diagnosis and analysis.

Filtration Technology Systems
Mobile and stationary components and systems for oil conditioning.

Process Filtration Technology
Systems, components, elements for filtering liquid and gaseous media in industrial processing. Products: stainless steel filters, automatic backflushing filters, membrane separation units for micro and ultra-filtration.

Cooling Systems
Series of components, systems in cooling and pump technology.
Products: oil/air coolers, oil/water coolers, fluid/air cooling systems, bellhousing coolers, chillers.

Electronic Measurement Technology
Components, systems in electronic measurement technology, analysis, diagnostics, control technology. Products: pressure and temperature transmitters, temperature and flow sensors, single and multi channel pressure switches, inductive position monitoring, portable data recorders for diagnostics.

Compact Hydraulics
Components, modules, sub-systems. Complex drive units, controls including electronics. Products: cartridge valves directional and proportional, control blocks, power units, drive units, integrated systems with hydraulic controls, energy storage, filtration.

Ball valves, controls including 2, 3 and 4 way valves in carbon and stainless steel. Connections: threaded, flanged, socket, butt welded. Fluid level gauges in stainless and zinc plated steel with optional integrated thermometer. Mounting technology for pipes, hoses, cables reservoirs, machine components. 

Fluid Service
HYDAC offers a comprehensive service programme in fluid technology to reduce operating costs and to improve reliability.

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