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With staff totalling over 50 years' combined experience in the business, Hydro-Cleansing Ltd is perfectly placed to offer an unrivalled waste management service in the whole South of England. Our rolling programme of investment ensures we have the most appropriate, effective and up-to-date equipment available for each and every job.

Hydro-Cleansing Ltd's drainage service has been used by local authorities, utility providers, consulting engineers, major construction firms and by the general public for many years.

HCL have a vast range of specialist equipment enabling us to provide drainage solutions for every situation.

Example services include:

  • Blocked drain cleaning and clearing
  • Sewer cleaning and clearing
  • Large and small diameter blockage clearance
  • Pipe descaling, Gully cleaning
  • Tank cleaning and descaling

With the range of technology at our disposal, we can assess problems using a variety of techniques and then provide a diagnostic report containing both the source of the problem and the recommended solutions.

We can clean, descale and flush small and large diameter blocked drains, pipework, tunnels and tanks.

We are specialists in diagnosing all forms of drain problems and recommending repair, rejuvenation and renewal and have worked with many clients in the public and private sector.

CCTV Drainage Surveys

We can provide a closed-circuit television (CCTV) survey of drainage systems in the form of a colour video that will show the blockage and where the renovation or remedial works are required. This can be carried out on drains and for sewers ranging from 225mm to 1200mm in length.

A CCTV drainage survery may be required for a number of reasons including:

  • Broken or fractured pipes
  • Recurring smell problems
  • Drain blockage due to debris, tree roots or a build up of fat

A written report and a copy of the video can be issued upon request after the survey is completed. Although some projects are larger than others, we will provide the same level of service to all customers irrespective of scale.

CCTV Drainage Surveys

Cess Pit & Septic Tank Services

Septic Tanks
A septic tank provides a system for the collection of solid waste products. This happens while the liquid elements are dispersed into the ground via perforated pipes into the soil. This is also known as a soakaway method.

A cesspit is a collection point for both solid and liquid waste. Essentially they are the same thing. Both are watertight enclosures that are usually made up of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) or concrete.

The difference between the two is that a cesspit requires emptying far more frequently than a septic tank. However as it doesn't use a soakaway method to disperse liquid it is much easier to install and takes up less space.

Hydro-Cleansing Ltd recommend that both septic tanks and cesspits are emptied on a 6 monthly basis to avoid overflow and saturation of the soakaways. This of course depends on the level of usage. Either way we can offer contracts or schedules for emptying tailored to your individual needs.

Cess Pit & Septic Tank Services

Confined Space Services

We have trained, specialist staff that are qualified in various forms of confined space work. We have participated on numerous large scale projects that have required our input right from the initial risk identification process all the way through to complete task implementation.

Please contact us for more information.

Confined Space Services

Culvert Cleaning

Hydro Cleansing Ltd are specialists in the cleaning of culvert and other water channels. We have a fleet of combination tankers that have the power to tackle the most difficult jobs.

The clear running of these concrete channels (up to 4sq m in cross section) is crucial in helping to reduce the likelihood of flooding inland.

We have worked with local authorities and major contractors on numerous culvert clearance projects. The scope of works will usually involve removing mass amounts of silt and debris - this ranges from sand and sludge all the way to large items of debris such as traffic cones and shopping trolleys.

Culvert Cleaning

Depot Services / Pre MOT Inspections

At our Croydon depot we are able to offer commercial vehicle operators a Pre-MOT check, a survey of potential leakage points and a full steam cleaning service for their coaches, vans and other HGVs.

Our services include:

  • Pre-MOT check
  • Pre notification of oil leaks
  • Clean working environment
  • Pre safety inspection
  • Commercial steam cleaning
Depot Services / Pre MOT Inspections

Drilling Waste Removal

Drilling waste, drilling mud and drilling fluids are all used or produced in large scale operations on major building sites. Hydro Cleansing Ltd are used by industrial firms to dispose of these waste cuttings that are removed from wells.

Our Super Combination Units have ample vacuum power in the pumps on board to easily suck up this heavily condensed mud.

Cuttings collected are put through our own 'dewatering' plants, which are stations across our network of depots. All excess water is then processed and disposed of at licensed waste disposal sites. The remaining mud is then taken off site to be recycled at a local land remediation centre.

Drilling Waste Removal

Environmental Remediation

At Hydro Cleansing Ltd we place a great importance on the protection of the environment and on conservation issues. We have a comprehensive environmental policy to help promote recycling and are committed to the protection of water, air and land from contamination.

The environmental services division at Hydro Cleansing Ltd are responsible for developing integrated services that offer comprehensive solutions for all of our clients.

Areas we specialise in include:

Please visit our website for more information.

Environmental Remediation

Gully Cleaning and Emptying

Hydro Cleansing Ltd have worked with local authorities and private clients to offer a large scale gully cleaning and emptying contract.

Gully Cleaning and Emptying is a service we provide to residential customers for domestic blockages or for the larger scale commercial, or council based client. We pride ourselves here at Hydro Cleansing Ltd, at being one of the top companies in providing this service efficiently and more importantly, in the correct manner. We will always remove all solids from each chamber and never use the rodding eye as a quick fix solution.

Gully Cleaning and Emptying

Interceptor Cleaning

The build up of oil, silt, debris and other miscellaneous contaminants within an interceptor increases the risk of forecourt or driveway flooding as well as the risk of hydrocarbons contaminating the sewerage system or watercourse.

To prevent overflow and contamination of drainage systems the interceptor needs to be maintaned on a regular basis. We recommend 6 monthly servicing for standard installations.

All of our engineers are trained to undertake all related tasks to the highest standard - this also includes working at height and / or in confined spaces.

Hydro Cleansing Ltd only use fully licensed disposal facilities, ensuring your duty of care obligations are always met. Consignment notes for movement of special waste (as defined in the 'Special Waste Regulations' 1996) can also be arranged.

Interceptor Cleaning

Oil Tank Removal

From domestic tanks through to multi-million litre bulk fuel or chemical storage installations, Hydro Cleansing Ltd provide a range of services to ensure that any tank or structure is decommissioned and/or removed in both a safe and an environmentally sound manner. Hydro Cleansing Ltd will survey and offer professional advice on the safest and most economical method of decommissioning and/or removing any given structure.

Oil Tank Removal

Pump Station Services

Hydro Cleansing Ltd provide a full design service including; the supply and specification of the pipework, power cabling, switch gear and telemetry equipment.

To compliment our construction and repair service, HCL offer a 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency facility. This can be used ad-hoc or in tandem with an ongoing maintenance contract, that we can also provide to all customers.

HCL drainage engineers are fully trained and qualified to carry out all aspects of pump installation and maintenance. Including but not limited to:

Pump Station Services

Seweage Management

No job is too small, we frequently attend domestic premises to diagnose and solve problems from simple toilet and sink blockages to more complicated problems with drainage and sewage systems. In every case we leave the job with all problems identified and solved and with the system flowing freely. Our preference for the use of high pressure jetting ensures that the blockage is fully dispersed and not pushed further into the system. Any flood water can be removed and safely disposed of.

Sewage Systems
Specialists can advise on the choice of cess pit or septic tank and once installed, set up a regular emptying and maintenance service. Of course, we are always available to solve any emergency problems which may arise.

Sewerage Management

  • Blocked toilets, pipes, drains and sewers
  • Cesspit and septic tank maintenance
  • Industrial sewage system management
  • Provision and mainenance of sewage pumps
Seweage Management

Tanker Hire & Services

Hydro-Cleansing Ltd own and operate a vast fleet of tankers.

These range from our vacuum units for small and domestic drainage issues, our jet vac and medium combination tankers for industrial and commercial use, all the way through to our super combination units fitted with the latest liquid ring vacuum pump system.

As a company we have come a long way since the early days when our first tanker purchase was a basic vacuum tanker. As our level of service and customer base has developed, we have recognised the need to continuously invest in tanker technology.

Tanker Hire
Customer satisfaction is our main priority here at Hydro Cleansing. All of our tankers are supplied with fully trained operatives. HCL operatives are always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and will endeavour to provide viable solutions on site.

Please call and speak to our staff for further information on all of our tankering services and an easy over the phone quote on our Tanker hire rates.

Tanker Hire & Services

Tunnel Cleaning & Maintenance

Hydro Cleansing Ltd have a team of specially trained confined space engineers who are able to undertake any type of tunnel based work that is required.

Examples of previous projects we have previously undertaken are:

  • Fresh water pipe installation
  • Installation of fixed lighting
  • Installation of temporary lighting
  • Removal of vermin such as rats, foxes, etc
  • Removal of other hazardous and miscellaneous objects
  • De-scaling of tunnels
  • Removal of flood water
  • Installation of pumps
  • Installation and replacement of cabling
  • Cleaning of pump stations
  • Water testing / analysis
Tunnel Cleaning & Maintenance

Ancillary Services

Our ancillary services include:

Please visit our website for more information.

Ancillary Services

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