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Specialising in high-quality anti graffiti coatings products and providing comprehensive anti graffiti solutions, we are pioneers in the field of specialist protective coatings. We are the UK and Ireland's leading specialists in the development and application of high performance coatings.

We supply a wide variety of anti-graffiti coatings. These include clear anti-graffiti coatings, pigmented anti-graffiti coatings, permanent anti-graffiti coatings, semi-permanent anti-Graffiti coatings, and sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings.

Energy Saving Coating

Our Nu-Guard® NRG energy saving coatings will save you money on your energy bills. It will also protect building substrates from water.

Both Nu-Guard® NRG Clear and NRG Colour provide the desired exterior finish for your building. They are designed to provide multi-functional benefits by using the advanced hybrid technology. These energy saving coatings work even the harshest climates, creating endless value.

Energy Saving Coating

Fire Protection

Further to graffiti removal products and services, we also specialise in fire protection. For fire protection, our products and innovative solutions provide cost-efficiency and high performance.

Options include:

  • Clear intumescent varnish - a clear flame retardant intumescent coating for timber and timber derivative surfaces giving a varnish type appearance, enhancing the natural colour of the wood. Used internally and externally. Intended to upgrade to Class 1 and Class 0
  • Clear fire retardant - HR-Prof is a water-based, ready-to-use fire retardant solution, absorbed into the surface of the substrate to achieve Class 0 Surface Spread of Flame
  • Coloured timber finishes - flame retardant and intumescent paint for bare or previously painted timber where surface spread of flame or fire protection need to be controlled to Class '1' and Class '0'
Fire Protection

Fire Protection for Steel

Our fire protection services also cover fire protection for steel. We provide a comprehensive range of fire protection coatings giving you the opportunity to specify attractive decorative finishes while still complying with the building regulations for fire protection.

Our products for fire protection for steel are available in water and solvent based coatings, providing 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes fire resistance.

Fire Protection for Steel

Fire Upgrade Coatings for Walls and Ceilings

We provide fire upgrade coatings for walls and ceilings.

Nu-Flame is a range of fire protection coatings developed by Hydron to give fire protection to a number of different substrates. These include fire protection for walls and ceilings, fire protection for steel, and fire protection for wood and timber surfaces.

Fire upgrade coatings for walls and ceilings - providing a comprehensive range of decorative paints developed for use over previously painted surfaces and designed to convert flammable painted surfaces. A variety of decorative flame retardant finishes are available such as anti-graffiti, flame retardant acrylic eggshell and flame retardant matt.

Fire Upgrade Coatings for Walls and Ceilings
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