Hylift Access Hire


We provide an unrivaled cherry picker hire service as well as a wide range of property maintenance services.

Our cherry picker hire service includes a number of differing vehicles to suit your specific needs and covers the following capabilities:

  • Gutter cleaning and repair
  • Roof repairs, slate and tile
  • Brick cleaning, patio, conservatory and driveway cleaning
  • Window and door cleaning (in and out)
  • Digital aerial and satellite service

Access Platform Hire

Our access platform hire service covers any possible requirement you will ever have. Our access platform hire service includes a number of different vehicles to suit your individual requirements.

If you need access platform hire for gutter cleaning, we can provide you with a quote and photograph your roof in detail for inspection to ensure you receive a complete service.

Access Platform Hire

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging supplies important information for the monitoring of buildings. By determining the condition of buildings, we can devote maintenance programmes to where they are actually required.

Temperature differences via thermal imaging provide the information to determine blockages in pipe work, faults with insulation and areas with retained moisture and damp.

Thermal Imaging

Window Cleaning

We provide commercial window cleaning, cladding cleaning and restoration services throughout Merseyside and the Northwest of England. We offer a wide range of methods for window cleaning, cladding cleaning and surface cleaning and we also offer in house traffic management.

We believe customer service should have the highest priority and we are happy to give clients detailed advice regarding the most appropriate cleaning methods for specific circumstances.

Window Cleaning

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