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A Parquet floor is a type of engineered plank wood flooring.  A wooden floor is the perfect type of flooring. It is stylish, durable and can match every interior.

We have a range of parquet floors with various different styles and colours.

Modern Solid Floor

A modern solid floor can provide a well-balanced style with shades of white and grey. They provide a space with a single accent of colour. This can bring structure into a room or area.


We have a variety of modern solid floors available including our earth & fire collection, our black & white collection and our pure design collection.

Country Solid Floor

We have a comprehensive selection of country solid floors. A country solid floor is of high quality and elegance.

We have country solid floors available in natural colours, tranquil shaded and bright colours. They will give you a warm welcome when you enter a room.

Classic Solid Floor

Our classic solid floor range is inspired by interiors of days long gone. This classic style is defined by high ceilings, beautiful ornaments, sparkling chandeliers and romantic designs.                                                                                   

Our classic solid floor range reflects the grandeur of old fashioned interiors. We have flooring with deep, dark colours that are blended with white and cream tones.


Porcelain Flooring

Porcelain flooring is extremely durable and hard wearing. It also has an excellent resistance to stains and scratches, making it the perfect flooring for a whole host of applications.

We have a wide range of porcelain flooring available, including smooth finished porcelain for indoor purposes and textured finished porcelain for outdoors use.


Stone Flooring

Hyperion Tiles has a wide selection of stone flooring available. Stone is a high quality, natural product which is excellent for flooring purposes.

We have the knowledge and expertise to provide our customers with information and advise regarding stone flooring. We can recommend the best stone flooring for your requirements.

We only order stone flooring of the highest quality and we only order from trusted suppliers.

Wood Mosaic

We can also provide a range of wood mosaics. Wood mosaics are unique, durable and highly decorative and they are perfect for a wide range of wet and dry applications.

Underfloor Heating

We can also supply and install underfloor heating to accompany any of our stone, porcelain & wood flooring options. We have a team of dedicated and professional engineers who can discuss your underfloor heating requirements and recommend the perfect systems for your home.

Fitting Services

Hyperion Tiles has an established team of fitters. Once you have selected your products we provide fitting services to complete the process. We will conduct a site visit to measure up and discuss any technical queries you might have. We will then provide a detailed estimate for our fitting services, inclusive of the materials required and labour.

We can also provide a provisional quotation figure of our fitting services based on scaled drawings.

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