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I Personnel Group was founded in 2013 originally preceding from its now daughter company, I Personnel Recruitment. Due to our broad knowledge in various business sectors, we have expand in order to provide our customers with the opportunity to use our bespoke services in various areas. I Personnel Recruitment; I Personnel Construction and I Personnel Haulage are what form our bespoke establishment I Personnel Group.


I Personnel Recruitment

I Personnel Recruitment, part of the I Personnel Group was founded in Milton Keynes initially targeting recruitment in the logistical sector. However, due to the nature of the business and the passion of our employees, we now work within an array of current business sectors to give those in the saturated markets, as well as those in the niche sector, the opportunity to use our bespoke services.


Along with our customer service support, which we pride in being second to none, we have designed the new and innovative way of recruiting. NO INTRODUCTION FEES, NO PERCENTAGE FEES, and NO HIDDEN COSTS. This is the new way to recruit. Visit our website for more information.

I Personnel Recruitment

I Personnel Construction

I Personnel Construction Ltd is a well-established company which has built up a first-class reputation in the building industry by successfully delivering high-quality projects. The company's core values are quality, efficiency and reliability.

We're proud to say that we've maintained a strong belief in good workmanship and a job well done. Whatever the size of the undertaking, our whole team are aware of the responsibility they have for excellence, safety and respect for the environment.

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I Personnel Construction

I Personnel Haulage

Uncover the secret to stress-free transportation with the specialist services on offer from IPH. It’s never been easier to move heavy, cumbersome goods from A to B thanks to our outstanding container deliveries. Contact us today for more information.

You'll find that our range of logistics solutions has the ideal choice for your needs. We provide an extensive choice of haulage services, including:

  • General haulage: pallet deliveries, side-loading vehicles and our optional one-way delivery service
  • Container haulage: delivery of your containers to airports or seaports for international distribution
  • Special haulage: haulage services with temperature controlled reefer boxes for frozen and perishable goods

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I Personnel Haulage
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