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We think software that doesn't quite work is all too common and seriously affects the profits of companies who develop and sell it.

That's why we focus on the business and client needs first and foremost.  We speak business English and avoid technobabble.  We will understand your vision and business strategy and help build software products which make you money.

What do we do - Strategic?

One of our strengths is our ability to pick up a simple idea or a  strategic vision, work within it, expand it and help make it become reality.

We work particularly well with clients who have little technical background because we like fresh ideas and we like to communicate in business terms not in technology terms.

To develop and maintain a long terms strategy we offer our Virtual CTO services, where we act as a part time technology representative to the board or management team, providing input on technology strategy.

We back this up with an approach to building commercial software which analyses the complex drivers of a good commercial software and the interactions between them.  We call this Commercial Software Therapy.

With over 25 years working as a senior manager or board member in a wide range of industries we will get your business and communicate complex software issues in straightforward terms.

What we do - Practical?

We do more than just offer detached advice.  We will also get our hands dirty and build commercial software for you.

Sometimes this is building complex components for an existing software product, but mainly we will build the product from beginning to end and support it through several generations of development.

We will always work closely with our clients and often with their clients to ensure that the product will do what is needed in a way which is easy to understand.  Software which is hard to use is something we hate too!

Some Examples

We've built software ranging from eCommerce sites to sports broadcast solutions, from Karaoke production systems to online information services and from Learning Management to Internet Payment Systems - and many others!

Our web site features case studies from leisure, publishing, TV broadcast and gaming and eLearning projects, but we've also worked with dozens of other industries and we'd be keen to work in yours!

Video and Audio Processing

For 5 years Iain Downs was a Microsoft MVP in DirectShow, Microsoft's video and audio processing technology.

We've developed video and audio capture, processing, recording and recognition systems, including Perlego a system which recognises cards (front and rear) as they are dealt to provide real time poker tournament graphics.

If you have an applications which depends on moving images, machine vision, sound or processing of audio and video then we would be keen to help.

Knowledge from Text

A strong personal interest is in the use of computers to process large bodies and text to extract 'meaning' in one form or another.

We've developed extensive text processing frameworks to support this and are working on system to identify competing companies and improve search.

For more information email on iain@idcl.co.uk

eCommerce and Publishing

We've been working in the eCommerce arena since the mid '90s.  Along the way we've built online payment systems (Protx, now Sage Pay) and a number of information and commercial sites.

We're not traditional web site developers - in fact we outsource all our design work, but if you want intelligent information driven content or novel channels to market, then we can help you.

Software development in Leeds, Harrogate and York

Although many of our clients are far or have been far afield (London, USA and other places), we particularly welcome local clients.

Companies based in Leeds, Harrogate, York or elsewhere in Yorkshire. 

Cloud Development - Azure and AWS

'The cloud' is the big buzzword of the moment.  But what is it?  How can it help my products?  What are the problems?  Can it make me money?

All good questions.  Basically 'the cloud' is a huge computer system run by a big organisation (Microsoft, Amazon, Google...) which you can run your software on.  You pay for what you use ( in terms of processing and storage) and this means that you can start off with a system at very low cost, but expand it almost limitlessly with very short notice (or shrink it, of course if the demand slackens off).

The cloud is letting small companies compete much more effectively with big rich organisations.

We've built our first cloud based applications for clients, and we can help you move your products and systems to 'the cloud'

iPhone and iPad development

The iPhone and the iPad have been remarkable successes and spawned hundreds of thousand of applications, both for personal and business use.

There's real scope here for applications which change the way people work and play and we can help you with your ideas.

So if you have a business idea for the iPhone or iPad, or just wonder if something could be done, contact us and see if we can make your dreams into reality!

Contact Us

For your bespoke software solutions - contact us - 01423 872988

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