ICCS is a recognised leader in providing quality assurance and control and downtime and OEE software in the food, brewing, beverage, toiletries and pharmaceutical industries. With 25 years experience and over 100 blue-chip clients ICCS have developed a range of proven products that can help improve the profitably of your business.

Our six PlantSTATS modules give our clients a complete factory monitoring system from paperless quality monitoring to downtime and OEE recording, all providing easy to use modules for operators and powerful real-time reporting for managers. All our products have a track record of achieving measurable improvements in efficiency and profitability for our clients.

We have experience in both large and small companies and our team can handle all aspects of the project including design, installation, training, support and project management. We strive to establish partnerships with out clients, giving them the best targeted advice and assistance and ensuring they maximise the return on their investment.

Reduce Downtime, Increase OEE and Profitability

PlantSTATS DOWNTIME & OEE provides production management with a powerful tool to analyse the down time line efficiency. PlantSTATS DOWNTIME & OEE can quickly identify your issues, from reliability problems on individual pieces of equipment, to material supply problems. PlantSTATS DOWNTIME & OEE can reduce costs, improve overall productivity, reduce waste and positively impact your bottom line.

  • Are you still manually recording downtime?
  • Do you need more detailed and accurate information?
  • Do you have problems identifying exact causes of down time and productivity losses?
  • Are your current systems able to provide effective OEE information?

If any of these issues sound familiar then our easy to use PlantSTATS DOWNTIME & OEE monitoring system can help your business on both an operational and managerial level:

Operator Benefits:

  • Automatic recording of machine stoppages, pack and case-counts.
  • Easy to use, so short stoppages don’t get ignored.
  • The PlantSTATS Smart Terminal permit operators to record a down time reason with one button press.
  • Reduces human error.

Manager Benefits:

  • Simple to install.
  • Will not conflict with any existing plant monitoring equipment or sensors.
  • 100% accurate downtime statistics and OEE available in real-time.
  • Flexible and reactive to allow you to monitor specific problems.
  • Minimal operator training.
  • Clear visualisation of plant performance by shift, line, machine, reason and date range.
  • Increase performance of operators.
  • Contributes to longer-term strategic planning.
  • Specific modules for bottling, canning and food packaging.
Reduce Downtime, Increase OEE and Profitability

Realtime Data Capture from Multihead Weighers, Checkweighers, Metal Detectors etc...

PlantSTATS LINE MONITOR is a powerful tool to record production data, due diligence records and legislative information from a wide range of production line monitoring equipment. Weight and yield information from multihead weighers, and checkweighers, audit records from metal detectors and x-rays, performance data from the complete line, all are collected in real-time to give production and technical managers the tools to reduce costs and ensure compliance.
Real time data can be collected without any additional input from line operators, eliminating manual recording errors, freeing up operators to keep lines running and giving managers instant access to the information they need to drive down costs and ensure compliance to customers’ specifications and legislative requirements.
PlantSTATS LINE MONITOR also offers two-way communications to a wide range of equipment allowing remote management of machine settings and product libraries. This data is added to SQL database that can then be viewed by anyone on your corporate network.

  • Compatible with most makes and models
  • Minimum training required for line operators
  • Live line status and giveaway screens on any PC
  • Metal detector checks and validations are recorded in real time
  • Weigher settings can be uploaded and managed from central database
Realtime Data Capture from Multihead Weighers, Checkweighers, Metal Detectors etc...

Quality Assurance and Control Software - Reduce Defects and Waste, Increase Profitability

PlantSTATS QUALITY provides production line-operators and managers with a powerful tool to capture, analyse and trace all quality data. PlantSTATS QUALITY can trace quality data from bulk-tank tests through to palletisation. PlantSTATS QUALITY provides real-time operator feedback permitting immediate corrective action plus the power to store years’ worth of data.
The PlantSTATS QUALITY module can interface with a range of instruments and incorporates a weighing facility to minimise product giveaway and conform to Trading Standards requirements.
Do you find that your excellent plant performance is being let down by product quality not being controlled to an equally high standard?
Do you have issues with traceability, food safety, status monitoring or average fill?


  • Improved quality control and adherence to legislation
  • Reduced administration
  • Reduced operator workload
  • Improved response to customer requirements
  • Improved right-first-time
  • Improved profitability
  • One best way
  • Reports can be created for:
    • Batch-release
    • Customers
    • Suppliers
    • Trading standards
    • HM Customs & Excise
    • Internal and external reviews and audits
  • Enables you to devolve quality checks to operators on the line, giving them immediate feedback when corrective action is required.

This module will work on existing PCs or rugged stainless steel industrial PCs across your company, as well as hand-held portable wireless devices permitting mobile data capture.

Quality Assurance and Control Software - Reduce Defects and Waste, Increase Profitability

Reduce Product Giveaway, Increase Profitability

PlantSTATS WEIGHING is a complete average-weight system that is designed to significantly reduce product overfill and ensure that Trading Standards criteria are satisfied. Real-time results are given to ensure that any Packers’ Rules violations are immediately flagged up, along with the necessary corrective action.


  • All of your required reporting is available at the press of a button, such as overfill, batch, exception, incident, failure, production run, quality control summary and also includes the facility to produce fully customised reports.
  • PlantSTATS WEIGHING works with any balance that is fitted with a serial or USB port.
  • Provides information in accordance with Trading Standards and Custome & Excise requirements.
  • Developed in accordance with ISO9001:2008, TickIT, Ford SPC and GAMP.

PlantSTATS WEIGHING provides immediate measurable savings and is a sound investment for any process packaging operation.

Reduce Product Giveaway, Increase Profitability

Pharmaceutical Quality Monitoring - 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

The accurate recording and timely analysis of In-process checks is a central element of any pharmaceutical manufacturing process.
PlantSTATS PHARMA complies with all EU and US standards to provide a complete solution to the real-time monitoring and reporting, and paperless storage of in-process check results.


  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
  • Customisable test plans lead operators through test procedure
  • Records variable data such as hardness, thickness, seal length and attributes such as barcodes, data codes, label and leaflet codes
  • Facility to monitor by filling head
  • Immediate alarms through screen, email or pager to alert operators and managers are available
  • OQ/IQ validation and detailed functional specification with corresponding test documentation
  • Central collection of data on database server
  • Ability to filter by product, date, status or production area
  • Professional reports and summaries
  • Support contract and regular software enhancements
  • Can be used on existing computers, with existing instruments* reducing costs and simplifying support

Optional modules available for:

  • Cephalosporin’s
  • Ampoules / vials
Pharmaceutical Quality Monitoring - 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

Brewing - Contents Monitoring for Kegs and Casks

PlantSTATS KEG & CASK is an industry-leading fill-volume monitoring system for kegs and casks, available as a manual system for multi-lane rackers and as a totally automatic system for rotary fillers, providing live information at the manager’s desktop in accordance with the Brewers Society guidelines, Trading Standards and HM Customs & Excise requirements.

PlantSTATS KEG & CASK operates in two modes:

  • Manual Data Capture: Operators can enter information using either a touch screen or keyboard and mouse.
  • Automatic Data Capture: PlantSTATS KEG & CASK connects to a rotary-filler and receives and records data automatically.

ICCS work with the brewing industries’ biggest names to produce bulk-fill monitoring systems.

Brewing - Contents Monitoring for Kegs and Casks

ICCS Training & Consultancy Services

ICCS provide comprehensive training programmes for all their products at operational, management and IT levels. In addition our detailed knowledge of manufacturing processes enable us to provide training and consultancy in SPC methods for lean manufacturing, minimising give-away by employing Average Fill systems and advice on monitoring downtime and OEE to achieve maximum plant efficiency.


  • All ICCS products
    • Operator
    • Management
    • IT
  • SPC for lean manufacturing
  • Average Weight – a Packers Guide


  • Checkweigher Calibration & Support Service: ICCS offer an on-site calibration and audit service for inline checkweighers and balances. As part of our inline checkweigher audits we can include tare variability analysis, checkweigher performance and optimisation plus Trading Standards compliance reports
    • Checkweigher validation
    • Balance calibration
    • Tare Variability Analysis
    • Checkweigher ZOI analysis
    • Dynamic calibration
  • Quality Audits & Training: with over 20 years of experience in the food industry our consultants can offer Quality Audits, training and consultancy with particular expertise in overfill reduction and legislative compliance.
    • Compliance Audits
    • Overfill Analysis and continuous improvement programs
    • Servo Design
    • Procedure Analysis
    • OEE analysis
ICCS Training & Consultancy Services

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