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If you are looking for duct cleaner or dry ice services, we provide comprehensive and versatile solutions. With many years of experience in specialist industrial and environmental cleaning, our duct cleaner and dry ice solutions are innovative, cost effective and professional.

Our engineers have been building and using duct cleaning equipment ever since 1982. They ensure ductwork maintenance is productive, professional and profitable.

Dry Ice Blasting

Our specialist industrial and environmental cleaning solutions include a variety of dry ice blasting products.

For dry ice blasting, we supply high-performance and cost-effective cleaning machines. Included in the range is the Triblast-3 model BL60, offering many features from soft cleaning using low pressure and low dry ice consumption, to aggressive cleaning at high pressure.

Dry Ice Production

As well as dry ice blasting, our services also include dry ice production. We are innovators in dry ice production, making it possible for the dry ice user to manufacture dry ice at the point of usage.

For dry ice production, with new patented technology, we offer the Aquila Triventek pelletizer PE80 to give you the benefits of dry ice on tap.

Industrial Cleaning Services

We provide professional and versatile industrial cleaning services.

With our industrial cleaning services, we only offer state-of-the-art technology and product, allowing you to receive a hassle free, cost-efficient service. With specialist experience with duct cleaning equipment, dry ice blasting and dry ice production, our product range is extensive.

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