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icLighting gives expert lighting advice, technical support and knowledgeable customer service. We are backed by Cree, the world's leading LED lighting manufacturer. Together we have a vast knowledge of LED lighting, design and application.


Warehouse & Industrial

Lighting an industrial or warehouse space demands exceptional levels of light. Warehouses, factories, loading bays and storage units experience high levels of activity, night and day. Having the right lighting in place not only equips staff to work safely and efficiently, but reduces energy costs at the same time.  All the Cree range carry a Full 10 year warranty.

Cree LED lights provide consistent high quality lighting essential for these environments. Shadow free and uniform lighting units optimise light precisely where and when you need it. Variable power options and the ability to match the mounting height with luminance levels make these durable units ideal for any heavy duty industrial area, with no need to compromise on cost or lighting levels. These durable IP66 units also feature a glass free construction, making them ideally suited for food production and storage.

Office & Commercial

Office lighting has a powerful effect on productivity and company image. A gloomy office lowers mood, affects the efficiency of the workforce, and gives a poor impression to visitors. Powered by Cree TrueWhite® Technology, our Cree office and commercial lighting LED fixtures deliver a unique combination of bright warm and cool colour temperatures, and colour accurate 90+CRI.

Available as Troffer panels or downlights in variable sizes and wattages, Cree LED colour technology creates attractive and functional office environments, for any sized office or commercial premises. 

Exterior lighting

On  average is needed 12 hours a day, 365 days a year and therefore can incur high energy costs. With Cree’s exterior lighting range you can rest assure Light your building at night and save money with energy efficient exterior LED lighting from Cree. Exterior lighting will not only enhance your premises, but keep staff safe as they go to and from work, with bright and attractive lighting that will also make a feature of your building. With a highly reliable IP66 rating, these lights are a worthwhile investment, built to endure.

Street Lighting

Illuminate access roads with high performance optics designed to create instant brightness with no light spill, and at the correct surface luminance. Robust IP66 rated units withstand all weathers, save energy, and are easily adaptable for any project, from lighting access roads to creating perimeter lighting. Modular units allow for flexibility, while the famous longevity of LED lighting will reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Available in a variety of optics including no backlight versions, these lights are fully Dark Sky friendly reducing light pollution and optimising lighting on the ground. Add bird spikes and other accessories to reduce cleaning overheads and maintain condition.

Exterior Car Parks

Create a safe and welcoming car park with LED lighting. Minimise and reduce power and maintenance costs, and maximise and reduce light pollution with backlight inhibiting technology in a variety of optics. Using LED’s with the correct lighting spread for exterior car parks, results in an even distribution of light without light spillage, to create a bright, safe and attractive car park that makes an excellent first impression of your premises.

Interior Car Parks

For optimised light distribution in interior car parks, custom LED lighting brings uniform daylight quality to underground and interior car parks. Customised lighting for low height and “NanoOptic®” technology provides superior light control for any interior car park. Without glare or shadowy corners, you’ll be confident in the knowledge that your car park is safe and easy to negotiate.

Cree LED lighting also allows you to refine and manage light through sensors, creating lighting able to adapt to the variable requirements of interior car parking for the full assurance that the lighting is directed where it needs to be, precisely when it needs to be.

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