ICOM (South West) Ltd

ICOM (South West) Ltd is a Telecommunications Company based near Plymouth in Devon, specialising in the supply, installation and maintenance of voice and data communication solutions for businesses. With over 20 years experience in telecommunications (many of those spent with BT), we have built up a good reputation and good relationships with many companies for the way we have given excellent advice and support.

Amongst our many services, we are proud to be able to offer reduced cost line rentals and broadband and reduced telephone call costs making it less stressful for you as you only have to deal with one supplier for all your telecommunication requirements.

We can supply and install the following:

  • A range of business telephone systems
  • ISDN30e
  • ISDN2e
  • Analogue exchange lines
  • Voice over IP solutions
  • Voice and data networking/CAT5E structured cabling
  • On hold messaging
  • Music on hold

We also offer:

  • Leasing of telephone systems
  • Upgrades
  • Maintenance
  • Reduced call costs, reduced cost line rentals and broadband
  • Non Geographic numbers

Whatever your telecommunication requirements, you can be assured of a high quality service with best value principles in mind.

Business Telephone Systems

Telephone Systems
Whatever your line of business - retail, services, the medical or legal professions, hotel or insurance - you will be aware that the way callers are greeted reflects on your company's professionalism.

A truly professional company image requires more than just picking up calls when you happen to be around.

Simplify your communications with one of the following telephone systems designed to enable you to give more time to your business. If you are unsure of your requirements, please feel free to contact us.

Fibre Optics Data Networking

Why use fibre optic?

Fibre optic technology is extremely fast, safe, secure and cost effective. Fibre optics has many advantages over traditional copper cable, CAT5 and CAT6 including:

Transmission distance for copper cabling is 100m compared with 10km and 2km for single and multi mode fibre optic cables.

Fibre optics have much greater bandwidth than copper cable which means they can carry more information at greater speeds.

Where information security is of prime concern, fibre optics is the only cabling technology guaranteed to be immune from unauthorised evesdropping.

We use the most up to date equipment for cabling termination and fusion splicing. Fibre optic fusion splicing is a specialist process and our engineers are trained to a high level in the latest techniques using cutting edge equipment.

Voice Over IP Solutions

Voice over IP is a telephony term which basically describes the facilities for managing the delivery of voice using a broadband connection.

IP telephony can use a company's IP data network for voice calls. The really cool thing about Voice over IP is that it allows you to make free calls and has no monthly fee. If you and your correspondent both use Voice over IP handsets, you can call each other for free and talk for as long as you like. You can even receive all other landline and mobile calls on the same handset.

Hosted Voice over IP will steadily grow as businesses seek lower tariffs and bandwidth becomes readily available. It will remain a choice for multi-branch or large companies and for those whom telephony is a business-critical tool. A company with little need for inter-site telephony will find there is little between hosted Voice over IP and their existing pbx solutions when it comes to cost.

There are advantages of using Voice over IP and these include the following:

Bypasses cost charges for ordinary telephone services
Lower capital costs
Lower management and administrative costs
Reduced complexity
Improved integration of distributed business entities
Reduces the need for traditional telephone equipment (eg telephone system)
Homeworkers benefit by having IP handsets connected directly to their office system which gives the same benefits and facilities of using the office phone giving the illusion that you are working from the office
Enables you to keep your number wherever you are in the world and make calls from that country at the cost of making the call in the UK

On Hold Messaging/Music On Hold

Whilst callers wait to be connected, they expect music or a message on hold. Whatever the time of day they phone, they expect to be greeted, redirected to the appropriate person or to be given the possibility to leave voice messages. The alternative is customer frustration and missed opportunities.

ICOM (South West) Ltd can assist you in creating an engaging and informative marketing solution for your on hold requirements. We can create the perfect marketing tool for your business. Take a look at the various options we can offer you for your production www.vmoptions.co.uk. If you would like to proceed, just complete the form and fax back to us - it really is that simple!

If you have silence on hold, callers often think they have been disconnected. In fact, silence on hold is the main cause of callers hanging up.

Messaging on hold will use hold time productively creating useful information about your products and services, promotes a professional image and uniquely positions your company in the mind of the consumer.

The great thing about using on hold messaging as a marketing tool is that you already have a customer on the line interested in your company.

Non Geographic Numbers

Give your business image a boost and accessible immediately with an 0800 Freephone number. The Freephone number will give your business a professional image and allows customers to call you for free, making it more likely that they'll call. You can use your main 0800 number for both voice phone calls and faxes.

We can supply the following:-

0800 Numbers:

Look and sound more professional
Use with your existing landline and mobile phones
Instant activation with no contract
0844 Numbers:

An 0844 number is assigned to your business for life so that, if you need to relocate your business, your 0844 number will stay the same, therefore, ensuring continuity for your customers
Your main 0844 number can be used for both voice phone calls and faxes

Office Telephone Systems

If you need a new telephone system but are worried about the cost, contact us for a quote to lease. One of the benefits of leasing is that payments can be deducted from taxable profits.

Office Telephone Systems


OmniPCX Office
KX-T range
Strata DK280

4200 range
KX-TDA range
Strata DK40

4100 range



KX-T range
Strata DK280

4200 range
KX-TDA range



Strata DK280

4200 range
KX-TDA range
Strata DK40

4100 range

Strata DK16



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