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  1. New DSC Handheld Website from Icom
    7 April 2017

    Icom UK's microsite dedicated to handheld DSC radios has been upgraded to a modern, mobile friendly design. The site aims to provide information on everything you should need to know about these marine radios.

    The website explains:

    • What DSC Handheld VHF radios are, 
    • Where they can be used and why boat owners need them. 
    • Answers questions about the ownership and registration of DSC handheld radio.

    The website also showcases Icom’s new handheld DSC radio, the IC-M93D.

    If you are looking at purchasing a handheld DSC radio and want the full lowdown, visit www.dschandheld.com.

    New DSC Handheld Website from Icom
  2. Icom¿s New IC-A120E Ground Support Airband Vehicle Radio
    14 March 2016

    Icom’s IC-A120E ground-based panel-mount vehicle airband radio is the successor to the best selling IC-A110EURO airband transceiver. Aimed at airport ground crew vehicles, this new model features both 8.33kHz and 25kHz channel spacing, plus the latest noise cancelling and Bluetooth technology.

    The IC-A120E is designed to provide rugged and reliable ground crew communications with IP54 dust protection and water resistance. This construction allows for use in open-air vehicles.

    Built-in active noise cancelling technology has been introduced to reduce background noise when receiving and transmitting signals. This function is effective in noisy airport environments. The automatic noise limiter (ANL) reduces pulse-type noise such as engine ignition.

    A sidetone function is incorporated, which allows transmitted messages to be heard by standard aviation headsets (even in the most demanding operating airport conditions). With the optional UT-133 Bluetooth unit, the IC-A120E can be used with a third-party wireless Bluetooth headset.

    The IC-A120E also includes a clever optional 'on hook' scan function. Hanging the microphone on the microphone hanger activates the auto-scan function. When released, the transceiver will return to the last used, or priority channel, depending on the selection.

    For more details about this product, visit the IC-A120E Aviation Panel Mount Product page.

    Icom¿s New IC-A120E Ground Support Airband Vehicle Radio

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