Ics Cool Energy Ltd.

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Cooling all aspects of industry.

When you're looking for a cooling system that won?t let you down or increase maintenance costs in the future, you need more than a reliable product - you need reliable suppliers who understand your precise needs.

Cool Energy can provide packaged chillers from 2kW to 1,800kW units, together with air blast coolers, cooling towers and water cooled chillers. In addition to this the following services also are available:

* Rental chillers
* Non-ferrous evaporators
* Run and standby pumps
* Water bypasses
* Weir tanks
* Noise attenuation
* Frost protection
* Glycol
* Plate heat exchangers
* Pipework and fittings
* Centrifugal fans

What more could you need apart from a partner who has the knowledge to apply the right components in the right way and ensure a successful project.

Ics Cool Energy Ltd. Overview