ICT Precision Engineering Technology


Here at ICT, we have an impressive collection of in-house precision engineering and control facilities. At ICT, we provide micro precision manufacturing, testing and calibration services. We pride ourselves in our fast response times and technical experience.

Our unbeatable capabilities include:

  • Thin film deposition
  • Micro lapping
  • Wafer dicing
  • Wire bonding

Precision Lapping

For over 20 years, we have been providing excellent quality precision lapping and polishing services. We boast a fantastic reputation for processing precision lapping, surface flatness and finish.  

Micro Machining

We have in-house state of the art micro machining facilities. Our wafer dicing machines are capable of machining ceramics and a selection of other materials to micro machining tolerances.

Thin Film Deposition

We supply thin film deposition suitable for an array of component products, including deposition of ceramic components for inkjet printers. Thin film deposition is also used for metalisation of plastic components. We will assist you with your new sensor design and prototyping.

Wafer Dicing

We have an impressive selection of wafer dicing blades and materials to meet your individual requirements. Our wafer dicing processes will meet your tight tolerance requirements.  

Wire Bonding

We provide cost-effective wire bonding for small batch production. Manual wire bonding is often used in new product design and prototyping. It is suitable for testing a variety of wire types, sizes and encapsulation materials.

Inkjet Printhead Components

We manufacture an assortment of precision injet printhead components including charge electrodes, phase detectors and nozzle plates.

Our industrial and commercial injet printhead components also include:

  • Charge electrodes - Used to impart a tiny electrical charge to each ink droplet
  • Phase detectors and live blocks - Used to detect when an ink droplet has received an electrical charge
  •  Inkjet nozzle plates - Once drilled with up to 256 micro holes, it creates an array of more than 19 million droplets of ink per second

Magnetic Recording Heads

Our bespoke magnetic recording heads are manufactured from durable polycrystalline MnZn ferrites with high saturation flux density, Bsat, and extended high frequency characteristics. Our magnetic recording heads are produced for instrumentation data handling systems or specialised video equipment.

Precision Components

We manufacture a wide variety of precision components using specialist technology and machinery. Our precision components are used for applications including inkjet printer nozzle assemblies and data recording and storage.

Magnetic Recording Head Refurbishment

We offer magnetic recording head refurbishment and replacement services. We will provide new heads or head refurbishment to meet the original manufacturer specifications.


Here at ICT, we use the sputtering technique to sputter gold, platinum and other precious metals. We use sputtering on a variety of substrates and ceramics.

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