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Industry First 3D Aimated Presentation by Ideal Lifts Ltd

  • Timber Frame Lifts

    MMC specialists with over 30 years of experience in the lift industry, Ideal Lifts take care of every aspect of your vertical access requirements - from design through to installation and after care.

    This industry-first 3D animated presentation demonstrates the Ideal Lift operating during the natural settlement period of a timber framed building. Also seen for the first time is the interaction of our unique TF Roller Lift System & Auto Levelling Smart System, which senses timber frame shrinkage and allows the lift to automatically position during the settlement period.



Passenger Lifts

Hydraulic or Traction?

  • Steel Frame Lifts

    Planning and fulfilling your vertical access requirements can be a daunting prospect, but with Ideal Lifts' depth of experience and dedicated, professional team you can be assured that you will receive first-rate advice and a cost effective, ideal solution. 

    Designed for low to medium rise applications, our hydraulic range is fully compliant with EN81-70. It is important to remember a hydraulic lift uses power only in the 'up' direction. It uses gravity to travel downwards, with a small amount of energy operating the valves. It is a simple, efficient and highly effective piece of engineering.

    Our traction range provides a truly Machine Room Less (MRL) solution using the latest gearless technology. The permanent magnet motor is located at the top of the shaft and offers high performance levels combined with low noise, energy use and running costs.

    All our passenger lifts can be installed within their own Ideal Lift Frame, which incorporates a lifting beam, and negates the need for scaffolding within the shaft, saving both time and money on site. It is often used in existing lift shafts, or existing buildings when the walls are not considered strong enough to support a wall-mounted model.

    The Ideal Lift Frame & TF Roller Lift System is particularly useful in timber framed buildings, significantly reducing the damaged caused by the natural settlement period.

    For further information on our Ideal Lifting Solutions, please contact our office.



Access Lifts

Vertical Access Platforms Ltd

  • Ideal Lifts Roller System 

    NEW impending EN 81-41 will enable automatic travel from inside and outside the lifting platform.

    The working group CEN/TC10/WG8 has drafted a new European standard EN 81-41 for vertical platform lifts intended for use by persons with impaired mobility.

    Platform lifts that are designed, manufactured and supplied must comply with all the relevant essential health and safety requirements of the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC, which will be replaced by the amended Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC on 29th December 2009.

    The new standard EN 81-41 will make it easier for authorities, architects and planners to understand and will improve and raise the safety requirements for European platform lifts for the benefit of the users

    Ideal Lifts has a range of platform lifts which are fully compliant with the new European standard EN 81-41.

    Ideal Lifts vertical access platforms offer choice and flexibility. Internal or external applications, structure or wall mounted and a wide selection of platform sizes available.

    For developments requiring a high end finish, Ideal Lifts can offer panoramic views and stylish cabin decor.

Goods Lift

Goods Only Lifts

Ideal Lifts offers a complete range of Goods Only Lifts carrying from 50kg to 1500kg. All of our lift products, whether a small dumbwaiter or service lift, or a larger goods lift will help you meet the requirements of the Manual Handling Regulations.

Many of our standard lifts are available from stock and subject to builders' work, can be installed and working within a few days.

Each lift has been tried and tested to meet the most rigorous standards including the latest European Standard EN81-3 – part of the Machinery (Safety) Regulations. The lift will also help the building owner comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act.

All Goods Only Lifts come within their own self supporting structure which is easy to install and requires minimal builder's work before and after the lift is installed.

No seperate motor room or load bearing shaft is needed, which helps keep costs down.

Please download our product literature for detailed information covering Product Specification, Standard Stock Dimensions, Installation Notes and Builders Work.

Quotations available upon request.


The complete service...

With over 30 years of experience in the industry we have a fund of product knowledge, information and technical data at our fingertips.

Our combined expertise enables us to offer a full range of services from maintenance and repair, refurbishment, statutory inspections and tests.

Our personal approach to all aspects of work and attention to detail will ensure we keep your lift in the best possible condition as well as keeping you up to date with the latest technological advances and statutory requirements.

With a flexible range of service packages we can tailor a contract to suit your individual needs.

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