[Think Automation and beyond...]

We make the point of contact, where humans interface with machines, easy, safe and secure.
We create new possibilities.

For more than 60 years, we have provided control technology-based products and services to the world. Once only seen in the industrial environment, our products today are used in familiar places all around us where safety, user-friendly operability, and reduced environmental impacts are desired.

What is our mission in this ever-changing era? And how do we use our accumulated technology and experiences to fulfill this mission?

Following the corporate philosophy of conducting business with consideration for social contribution, we have been constantly asking this question - how can we contribute to our society? Our answer is that regardless of department or position, each and every member of our corporation interacts with our customers with honesty and respect for their perspective, while responding to them with our solid technology. We believe this basic attitude will lead to the fulfillment of social contributions and be the basis for creating new possibilities.
We are committed to making the point of contact where people interface with machines easy, safe and secure, while creating new possibilities beyond that point. The IDEC Group continues its efforts to brighten the future of manufacturing and our lives.

[Toshi K. Funaki Chairman and Chief Executive Officer]

IDEC Overview