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We make the point of contact, where humans interface with machines, easy, safe and secure.
We create new possibilities.

For more than 60 years, we have provided control technology-based products and services to the world. Once only seen in the industrial environment, our products today are used in familiar places all around us where safety, user-friendly operability, and reduced environmental impacts are desired.

What is our mission in this ever-changing era? And how do we use our accumulated technology and experiences to fulfill this mission?

Following the corporate philosophy of conducting business with consideration for social contribution, we have been constantly asking this question - how can we contribute to our society? Our answer is that regardless of department or position, each and every member of our corporation interacts with our customers with honesty and respect for their perspective, while responding to them with our solid technology. We believe this basic attitude will lead to the fulfillment of social contributions and be the basis for creating new possibilities.
We are committed to making the point of contact where people interface with machines easy, safe and secure, while creating new possibilities beyond that point. The IDEC Group continues its efforts to brighten the future of manufacturing and our lives.

[Toshi K. Funaki Chairman and Chief Executive Officer]

Automation Control

IDEC brought some of the first micro-Programmable Logic Controllers to the market, and has been meeting your changing control automation needs for decades. Our controllers meet the highest standards for safety, flexibility and value. Whether it is system flexibility, space saving, ease of maintenance or powerful programming features, IDEC's programmable logic controllers along with exceptional product support will exceed your expectations.


The obvious alternative.

Automation Control

Touch screen HMIs

  • 5.7", 8.4", 10.4", & 12.1" sizes
  • 65,536 Color TFT LCD
  • Mounts Portrait or Landscape
  • Video & Audio Interface on select units
  • Super Bright: Up to 800 cd/m2
  • Supports Expansion Discrete I/O modules
  • Remote Access, Monitor & Control
  • Serial, Ethernet, & USB ports


Touch screen HMIs


We stock switches and indicators suitable for most applications. We supply miniature pilot lights and switches for mounting into 8mm panel cutouts and full size industrial switches to mount into 30mm cutouts. We supply terminations complete with solder / quick connect terminals, screw terminals, or PC board pins for direct board mounting. Our miniature models use snap action gold plated contacts for superior low level switching, whereas larger models use slow-make, double break contacts for switching heavier loads, up to 10A.

We supply:

  • 8mm - A8 Series, AP Series
  • 16mm - LB Series, A6 Series, AP Series, L6 Series
  • 22mm - CW Series, LW Series, HW Series, TW Series
  • 30mm - CS Series, ARN Series, TWTD Series
  • Enclosures - FB Series
  • E-Stops - CW Series
  • Flush Mounted Switches - LW Silhouette Series

Power Supplies

We supply a wide variety of power supplies to suit a variety of applications. Our power supplies include:

DIN Rail Mount

  • PS3X - available in five output voltages (15W, 25W, 50W, 75W and 100W) with 5, 12, and 24V DC outputs. A variety of mounting options including direct or DIN rail mounting also provide needed flexibility
  • PS5R Slim Line - 30W, 60W, 90W and now 120W and 240W models are available in a slimmer footprint than traditional power supplies. UL508 listed and approved for Class I Div 2 hazardous locations. The new 120W and 240W also comply with SEMI F47 sag immunity requirements.
  • PS5R Standard
  • UL508 listed switching power supplies with worldwide approvals and convenient mounting with output capacities up to 240W

Metal Frame

  • PS3L - traditional metal-frame power supplies with worldwide approvals and output capacities up to 300W with 5, 12, 24VDC versions
Power Supplies


Our relays are designed with attention to every detail and manufacture them to ensure precision and quality. Correlating sockets include multiple features for ease-of-use and can be DIN rail, panel or PCB mounted. We design sockets to work with our timers and relays, but will work equally well with any fitting component.



We supply an assortment of sensors for a variety of applications. Our sensors include:

  • Colour Recognition - SA1J/SA1J-F SA1C-FK
  • Distance and Displacement - MX1A/MX1B MX1C SA1D SA6A
  • Photoelectric - SA1A/SA1B SA1C-F SA1C-FK SA1E ISF SA1U
  • Water Detection - SA1W/SA1W-MK
  • Proximity Switches - DPRI

Emergency Stop Switches

We use a innovative approach towards the design and manufacture of emergency stop switches (E-Stops). This has made us a leader in the E-Stop market. We provide a variety of emergency stop switches categorized by various sizes and features, best suited for your unique project requirements.

Emergency Stop Switches

Enabling Switches

We produce enabling switches to enable machine operation only when the switch is lightly pressed and held in the middle position. Our enabling switches have a three position OFF-ON-OFF switch and disables machine operation when released or further depressed by a panicked operator to ensure complete safety. Because operators use pendants in hazardous environments performing teaching, system changeover, and maintenance of robots, they must have protection against unpredictable motion of robots, and therefore teach pendants are equipped with 3-position enabling switches.

Enabling Switches

Safety Door Interlock

We supply safety door interlock switches to fill any of your machine safe guarding requirements. Our full line of safety door interlocks include a variety of switch types and sizes to fill any application requirement. We supply rugged models rated up to 2,000N of retention force or a compact unit with 100N rating, all switches carry worldwide approvals and full line of accessories to make your new design and installation a quick and easy process.

Safety Door Interlock
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