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A Global Solution
Competing globally, IEWC delivers high-quality wire, cable and wire management products, specifically designed to fit our customers’ needs. With our broad selection, off-the-shelf availability, and extensive knowledge, we help customers achieve best total cost. Our personalized service and can-do attitude make us an indispensable part of our customers’ supply chain team, delivering customized orders on time without fail.

A Company Built On Experience
…born in the mid-60’s and founded through entrepreneurial spirit, IEWC continues to find favor in the market and experiences steady double digit annual growth rates. Customer satisfaction levels are running high as evidenced by a series of national and international expansions. IEWC's business mantra calls for continuous improvement in everything we do.

Every employee-owner is committed to finding new and improved processes that strip costs out of the system and create greater value for the customer. Customers have grown to appreciate IEWC's ability to provide a consistent, high standard of service excellence throughout the entire order fulfillment process. The future at IEWC looks bright as the company prepares to expand its wire and cable distribution model into the far reaches of the world.

Wire, Cable & Wire Management Solutions

IEWC® is the premier, dedicated supplier of wire, cable and wire management products to manufacturers and sub-assemblers worldwide. We stock a wide range of materials available for same day shipment, from cables to connectors, providing an end-to-end solution and consolidated source for all of your wire and cable needs.

IEWC® combines technology and service to provide a number of unique solutions, creating a distinctly satisfying customer experience.

We offer a range of customized services to your specifications:

• Scheduled Orders
• EDI & Advance Shipping Notice
• Custom Labels and Barcodes
• Custom Packaging
• Striping & Dyeing of Wire
• Custom Wire Printing & Etching
• Twisting of Wire
• Wire Drum Packing
• UL & CSA Approved Respooling

Serving OEMs and Sub-Assemblers in the Following Markets:

Automotive - Marine & Shipboard - Off-Road Equipment - Recreational Vehicles - Commercial Trucks - Mining & Forestry - Agricultural Equipment - Oil & Gas - Rail & Transit - Military & Aerospace - Medical Equipment - Appliance - Stage & Lighting - Wind & Solar Energy - Packaging & Bottling - Equipment - Food Processing Equipment - Paper Processing & Printing Machinery - Industrial Automation - Portable Power - Equipment - Switchgear & Control Panels - Elevators, Conveyors & Cranes - Measuring & Control Devices - Heating & Refrigeration Equipment - Alarm & Security

Audio & Broadcast Solutions

IEWC and Gepco: one a renown manufacturer of wire and cable solutions specifically designed for Audio/Broadcast; the other, a pioneering wire and cable distributor with international reach and the reputation for quick delivery from local warehouses to just about anywhere in the world.

This combination brings UK and European professionals a new, better, faster way to source a full line of high-performance wire, cable and wire management products, designed specifically for Audio/Broadcast. From coaxial cable to fibre optic cable to connectors and racks, IEWC and Gepco have the right products, ensuring a reliable and cost effective solution for any application.

Broadcast Catalogue (PDF 2.9Mb)

Audio & Broadcast Solutions

Aerospace & Defense

IEWC stocks a full line of high-performance wire, cable and wire management products to service OEMs and sub-assemblers throughout the aerospace and defense market. With local expertise and a global network of distribution centers, IEWC provides the quality and the service you need to get the job done right.

Aerospace and Defence Catalogue (PDF 1.5Mb)


Aerospace & Defense

Solar Energy

IEWC stocks a full line of wire, cable and wire management products for manufacturers and sub-assemblers throughout the solar industry. From photovoltaic wire to inverter cables to edge clips, IEWC carries all of the best brands available. Even in the hottest environments, IEWC has the right product for the application, ensuring a reliable and cost effective solution.

Solar Energy Catalogue (PDF 1.9Mb)

Solar Energy

Solutions for Wind Energy

IEWC stocks a full line of wire, cable and wire management products for manufacturers in every wind energy application. Understanding the unique requirements and harsh environments of the wind power industry, IEWC supplies products from the best names in the industry, providing you with the most reliable and cost-effective wire and cable components available.

Wind Energy Catalogue (PDF 1.6Mb)

Solutions for Wind Energy

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