Igloos Ltd.

IGLOOS, THE Luxury Travelling Loo Company, are suppliers of luxury portable toilets for the corporate and private events industry within the UK and across Europe.

The flexibility of our ranges means that not only can the loos be located outside but they could also be constructed within temporary or permanent structures on multi-levels. You can be sure whatever the size or style of the event, IGLOOS will have the loos for you.

  • Luxury Travelling Loo Trailers - Luxury portable toilet trailers that are perfect for events where the loos will be outside.
  • MODUVAC Vacuum Loo System - A modular temporary toilet system available in the Traditional Oak or Contemporary Oak style, this system needs to be positioned within a structure.
  • Panelled System - A room of luxury portable toilets is built within a building or structure using laminate or wood veneer panels.

IGLOOS Washrooms is a specialist contractor in washroom refurbishment, washroom new build and cubicle systems in all types of venues such as school, sports clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants, historic houses, offices, public buildings and service stations.

IGLOOS Washrooms combines key ingredients:

  • Innovative design        
  • Product sourcing
  • Full and/or co-operative installation
  • Delivering to tough deadlines

The Company's ranges of services include a total Washroom Refurbishment Package for commercial and private markets. This includes everything from the design, product sourcing, initial strip out and full installation (if required) for commercial washrooms, private bathrooms and toilet facilities. IGLOOS Washrooms is also able to offer a full maintenance program for washroom installations.

 IGLOOS Washrooms have also developed their existing cubicle system ranges to include a collection suitable for the education sector. These include pre-school, primary and secondary and have been designed after extensive research into the difficulties associated with school toilets.

 Whilst working alongside local schools, problems identified by IGLOOS varied according to the age ranges. For example privacy is an issue in primary schools, durability is a problem in secondary schools and poor hygiene and ventilation was found to be a general problem across the board.  The pre-school range can incorporate age appropriate learning aids such as shapes, colours, alphabet letters, words and sums.


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