IM Engineering

I.M.Engineering was established in 1992 to specialise in the manufacture of propshafts for a wide range of automotive and industrial applications. The business has grown steadily year by year benefiting from the careful management of its recources and an expediant purchasing policy for both equipment and materials. This has allowed the company to expand, improve its production methods, upgrade its machinery and produce products of the highest standard and quality.

Our wide range of specialised equipment and workshop facilities enable us to operate a complete machining and repair service for a variety of industry sectors. Our fully experienced staff can take care of any of your machining requirements including complete machinery overhaul and preventive maintenance programmes.

When damage or breakage occurs, repair or re-manufacture can be a cost effective alternative to original OEM replacement. We can provide these services to our customers along with welding, plating or reverse engineering techniques, all of which can be utilised to recover the component. All reverse engineering products are welded and machined back to OEM diameters.  


IM Engineering Overview