Image Optics Ltd

Galvoptics Ltd is a UK company which specialize in manufacturing Optical components which include Lenses, Filters, Mirrors, Beamsplitters, Prisms ,Windows.

All components can be made in a wide range of materials, including quartz, silicon, sapphire, calcium flouride, calcium aluminate, Pyrex, Borosilicate, Borofloat, Kopp/Corning - Hoya - Schott filter glasses, Ilford gelatin filters. We also offer in-house optical coating services.

Now supplying Kodak Gelatin Filters & Wratten Gelatin Filters  ....

With over 35 years experience in optical manufacturing, we have the expertise to manufacture to your exact specifications, whilst also offering low cost prototype or volume production runs, often with fast production times. Our service list is shown below;

We offer the following services which can be applied to customers materials

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  •  Precision Polishing
  • Grinding / Machining
  • Vacuum Coating
  • Wafering
  • Toughening
  • Precision Lapping
  • Precision Edging
  • Precision Cutting
  • Shot Blasting
  • Sawing 
  • Chamfering
  • Cylindrical Grinding

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  • Hoya Super HMC Pro 1 Circular Polarizer
  • Hoya Photography Filter
  • Schott KL200
  • Schott KL2500 LCD
  • Schott KL1500 LCD
  • Schott Tubing
  • Calcium Fluoride ( CaF2 ) lenses and windows 
  • Germanium (Ge) Lenses
  • Hot Mirror For Heat relection
  • Schott Filter Glasses
  • Sapphire Windows
  • Microscope Cover slips
  • Zinc Selenide (ZnSe Plano Convex and Positive Meniscus Lenses)
  • Cube Beamsplitters
  • Bandpass Filters
  • Telescope Mirrors
  • Corning / Kopp Filters
  • We hold large stocks of all Corning / Kopp Optical filter Glass
  • VIS Narrow Bandpass Filters



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