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We have specialised in the manufacture of acrylic aquariums for 20 years and produced over 19,000 acrylic aquariums of almost endless shapes and sizes.We cater for the beginner, the hobbyist, corporate and public aquaria.

Our walk in oven enables us to mould sheets up to 3 metres long to your desired shape.

Why acrylic? Acrylic is universally recognised for its ability to construct virtually any aquarium and it is lighter and stronger than glass. We design, install, maintain or just supply, the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless.

We have supplied the majority Of National Sealife Centres in the UK and Europe as well as other public aquaria.

Examples include:  Reception, Corner bow front, Octagon and Front bubble aquariums, On site build aquariums, Aquariums with stands and Large diameter aquariums.

Image Plastics pride ourselves as being Acrylic specialists in not only aquariums but also...

Furniture... We have made many fine examples of acrylic furniture over the years.

Display... Acrylic has to be the corporate favourite when displaying product to it's full potential. Clinical and also subtle display formats work hand in hand with acrylic.

Exhibition... Image Plastics understood from the beginning that when you work for exhibition contractors you must be able to meet their demands.  Response is the key issue and we recognise that.

What else do we do?...  Boat screens,  the highest quality hi fi covers & components, components for wheel chairs, bubble wall features

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