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Here at IMGR, we distribute FOURMI® gonadola moving systems and accessories around the world. We provide our customers with innovative FOURMI® products together with fast, efficient and friendly service.

Our FOURMI® products have been designed using many years of studying and testing to produce the best moving product. They feature:

  • spherical bearing for ease of manoeuvrability
  • only 3 of them for jam freeing
  • best shape for stability
  • best material for indestructibility 
  • clever design for ease of use by anyone

Gondola Shelf Moving Systems

Fourmi provide unique gondola shelf moving systems and accessories to make moving your gondola shelves much easier. Our gondola shelf moving systems have been tested by engineers from leading shopfitting companies to ensure their quality and ease of use.

Gondola Shelf Moving Systems

Skate movers

Patented and approved by Apave & SGS, FOURMI® Skate movers have been designed to make moving your shelving time and cost effective. Skate movers can be used to move:

  • modular display units

  • shelving

  • refrigeration units (chillers and freezers)

  • racking systems (fruit and veg racks and speciality racks)

  • pallets (gondola ends)

  • checkout counters

  • promotional fixtures
Skate movers

Shelf Movers

Our shelf movers can be used to move a range of shelving with ease and efficiency. Allowing you to change the layout of your shop, increase store promotions, refurbish and clean your store with ease.

Shelf Movers

Gondola Shelving

The Fourmi Skate mover can be used to move your gondola shelving with ease and efficiency. Fitted with a 3 ball bearing the Fourmi Skate mover has the capacity to move your gondola shelving 360 degrees.

Gondola Shelving

Supermarket shelving

Our skate movers give you massive flexibility with your supermarket shelving, making them quick and easy to move around and allowing you to get ready for any promotional event.

Displays Systems

You can use our Fourmi skates to move display systems with ease. Move any display systems with our skaters 360 degree control.

Racking Systems

The Fourmi skate allows you to move any racking system or pallet racking with ease, great for reorganising storage areas as well as shop floors.


Refrigeration unit moving systems

To save the time and money it takes in moving refrigeration units by yourself, why not use a specialised refrigeration unit moving system design by Fourmi. The ball bearing system makes it easy to move refrigeration units across all types of flooring with great ease.

Modular display units

At Fourmi we understand that you may need to change modular display units at a moment's notice. Our skate movers allow you to move modular display units with minimum time and hassle.

Shelving Systems

Shelving systems can be difficult to move without the right equipment. Our specially designed systems allow you to move any type of shelving system in a safe and timely manner. Use our lifting bar in order to easily slide the skates into place without risk to staff.

Shop fittings and Fixtures

FOURMI XTRA is our larger size skate designed for moving gondola ends, double footed gondolas, racking systems, pallets and pallet racking. Available in sets of 4, they are also being used as dollies for moving heavy machinery and other bulky loads. Multi-purpose, ultra compact and very easy to use.

Gondola moving equipment

Fourmi specialise in providing equipment that makes it easy to move your shelving, counters, pallets and refrigeration units. Our gondola moving equipment provide both a cost and time effective solution to moving your systems around.

Gondola moving equipment

Retail shelving

Fourmi specialise in providing equipment that makes it easy to move your retail shelving. Our Fourmi skate movers provide both a cost and time effective solution to moving your retail shelving around.

Gondola Upright holding bar

A safety fixture that locks the gondola back panels together. Made of three parts, they are quick and easy to install on top of every gondola upright. They will prevent the back panels from popping out when lifting the gondola and during difficult movements on uneven floors. They also reinforce the whole gondola unit. A set of Holding Bars is included in all FOURMI Cases.

Gondola Upright holding bar

Lifting Bar

Our range of lifting bars can be adapted to suit most retail fixtures' feet. The lifting bar is designed to easily lift a unit's feet. These are suitable for use with:

  • gondola shelving
  • racking systems
  • refrigeration units
  • checkout counters
  • displays
Lifting Bar
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