IMGR UK - Fourmi Gondola Movers


The FOURMI® skate has been designed for moving gondola displays. Its has also been manufactured for use with other universal store fixtures. 
FOURMI® skate is suitable for moving:

  • modular display units
  • shelving
  • refrigeration units (chillers and freezers)
  • racking systems (fruit and veg racks and speciality racks)
  • pallets (gondola ends)
  • checkout counters
  • promotional fixtures


Our FOURMI® case is virtually unbreakable and designed to protect your FOURMI® 6, 12 or 18 during transit. The FOURMI® case has compartments for storing accessories and the larger 12/18 case has two sturdy wheels and a telescopic handle so it can be moved easily.

Lifting Bar

Our range of lifting bars can be adapted to suit most retail fixtures' feet. The lifting bar is designed to easily lift a unit's feet. These are suitable for use with:

  • gondola shelving
  • racking systems
  • refrigeration units
  • checkout counters
  • displays

Edge Adapter

We manufacture the FOURMI® edge adapter for moving gondolas with very deep shelves (over 800mm depth). It works buy clipping into the skates. The edge adaptor saves a traction on the junction between the base leg and the adjuster and allows you to move displays without feet. We supply the edge adaptor in sets of 6 or 12.

FOURMI Handler

The FOURMI® handler has been designed for safely positioning under a unit’s foot. The handler simply clips onto one of the ball bearings’ cages to enable you to manoeuvre FOURMI® precisely and freely.

About Us

Here at IMGR, we distribute FOURMI® gonadola moving systems and accessories around the world. We provide our customers with innovative FOURMI® products together with fast, efficient and friendly service.

Our FOURMI® products have been designed using many years of studying and testing to produce the best moving product. They feature:

  • spherical bearing for ease of manoeuvrability
  • only 3 of them for jam freeing
  • best shape for stability
  • best material for indestructibility 
  • clever design for ease of use by anyone
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