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Imofa UK design and manufacture bespoke, energy efficient air handling units to meet the unique  technical and commercial requirements of each application and individual project, whether for basic ventilation systems or higher specifications for critical applications such as hospitals, food production, and clean rooms.

High Efficiency Heat Recovery Air Handling Units

Various methods of heat recovery including crossflow and counterflow plate exchangers and rotary heat wheels are employed in Imofa UK’s air handling unit designs to maximise energy efficiency.

Air Handling Unit Refurbishment, Upgrading and Replacement

Working directly, or in partnership with M& E and HVAC Contractors, Facilities Managers, Maintenance and Service Companies. Imofa UK’s design and site engineers provide energy efficient solutions for the refurbishment, upgrading or replacement of existing air handling units of any manufacture.

Direct Drive Centrifugal Fans (Motor in Airstream)

A widely used range of small, robustly constructed direct drive centrifugal fans with motors mounted in the airstream. Versions are available with high efficiency EC (electrically commutated) motors, speed regulated to maintain constant air volume flow with varying pressure loss.

Direct Drive Centrifugal Fans (Motor Out of Airstream)

The robustly constructed cube construction of this direct drive centrifugal fan with motor out of airstream enable it to be readily installed in supply and exhaust ducted systems. Motors are fitted externally out of the airstream with forward or backward curved impeller mounted directly on the motor shaft.

Belt Drive Centrifugal Fans

Imofa manufactures a wide range of belt-driven single and double inlet, forward and backward curved centrifugal fans with airflows up to 28m³/s.  These fans are widely employed in air handling units and as freestanding fans in ducted systems. 

Axial Flow Fans

Imofa’s single stage and multistage axial flow fans for volume flows up to 26.0m³/s. Aerofoil section variable geometry impellers enable efficient selections for the specific volume flow/ static pressure requirements in HVAC, industrial process and agricultural applications.

Bifurcated Axial Flow Fans for High Temperature Systems

Imofa’s bifurcated fan range is designed for continuous operation on high temperature and contaminated air applications. Three specifications cater for operating temperatures up to 80ºC, 180ºC or 250ºC with the motor fully protected from the contaminated and/or high temperature airstream.

Circular Electric Duct Heaters with Built in Controls

This range of circular and rectangular electric duct heaters with 'built-in' controls provides many benefits over standard heaters with separate controls. In particular first and installation costs are significantly lower, and they can be easily and quickly installed with minimal cabling, and easily commissioned.

Rectangular Electric Duct Heaters with Built in Controls

Installed in duct systems or within air handling units these rectangular electric duct heaters with ‘built-in’ controls are widely employed in supply air ventilation systems and industrial processes. Flexible design and manufacturing enable production of various configurations to suit different applications.

ATEX Approved Electric Duct Heaters

The VEAB range of stainless steel ATEX approved duct heaters are available in ratings up to 400kW for heating air in ventilation systems and industrial processes in environments in which the danger of explosion occurs (Zones 1 and 2).

Water-based Duct Coolers and Heaters

Imofa UK’s range of VEAB water based heaters and coolers are designed for installation in duct systems to heat or cool individual rooms or zones in commercial, public and industrial buildings.

Corrosion Resistant Fume Handling Fans

For laboratory fume extract systems and for the chemical and water treatment industry manufactured by specialist associate company.  Include a range of injection moulded polypropylene and fire retardant polypropylene forward curved fans, and ranges of fabricated centrifugal, in-line, and bifurcated fans with chemical resistant plastics to suit each application.

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