Impact Solutions


UKAS accredited innovation and product testing centre that specialises in the testing of plastic containers, pipes, tanks and UN packaging.

UN Packaging Testing

Since 2002, Impact has tested 1,000 batches of containers from across the globe to be used for transportation of chemicals or other hazardous materials. These tests are the final approval that the container is safe to use. Surprisingly, Impact’s results (1) have shown that around 25% of these “final” tests have produced failures, requiring new product commercialisation to be stopped whilst the container is redesigned or reconfigured. Such unplanned failures delay product launches with the associated losses in sales revenue, whilst generating additional costs in redesign, prototype manufacture and re-testing. Impact’s testing capabilities and support is therefore very cost effective versus cost of failures, particularly if the Brand value is threatened.

SMART Testing ¿ Innovative ways to accelerate R&D

Whether you are a polymer producer or a polymer converter, reassurance in both the short and long-term performance of the base polymer is critical. Traditionally, the laboratory procedures and standards used in establishing this reassurance can be both time consuming and costly, particularly in terms of time to market and in terms of techniques, equipment and cost of international accreditation.

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