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Impulse Corporation Ltd is a leading UK distributor and systems integrator of industrial computing products including Embedded Single Board Computers, Panel PCs, Industrial LCD Monitors, Data Communication, Data Acquisition products, Network Media Players as well as Rackmount, Microbox and Embedded Computer platforms to exact customer specifications utilising our in-house integration and design facilities.

Since 1993, IMPULSE has supported a wide range of markets and applications in the Automotive, Medical, Military and Process Control industries offering key products, solutions and design support to customer requirements. 

Impulse recently moved in to larger premises in Stoke-on-Trent. Set up to serve the Industrial Computing, Embedded Control, Signal Conditioning and Industrial Communications markets in 1993, Impulse Corporation has a proven record within it's chosen fields. Product portfolio includes Single Board Computers, PC/104 Modules, Industrial Backplanes, Industrial Computer Chassis' and a wide range of Industrial LCD Monitors and Panel PCs. Impulse have a custom built systems integration house for the building and configuration of specialist systems to suit customers exact requirements. Custom metal work and sub-contract PCB manufacturing is also available so a complete system can be delivered from a vendor specification. Impulse's Technical Support is available for all product lines from our highly skilled team of engineers.

Embedded PC Systems range of Embedded PC's offer the security of long lifetime and design support essential for industrial applications.

IMPULSE offer rugged yet aesthetic platforms utilising the latest industrial computer technology whilst maintaining a competitive edge against commercial options.

Our Compact Fanless PC Systems are ideal for applications that require low power consumption and a ultra compact rugged platform whilst maintaining an impressive I/O feature list. Perfect for transportation, entertainment, environmental and industrial facility monitoring, and factory automation applications. 

Industrial Computer Boards

Our comprehensive range of Industrial Computer Boards ensure we have the right solution for your Single Board Computer requirements. Our range include all the main form factors from PC/104 to full ATX motherboard. Long-term supply and revision control is guaranteed.

IMPULSE can configure our Single Board Computers to your exact requirements and custom OEM board designs are welcome. 

Industrial Computer Chassis'

Our comprehensive range of Industrial Computer Chassis' ensure IMPULSE as the right solution for your industrial computing requirements. The range include all the popular chassis sizes including Rackmount Chassis, Wallmount and Embedded form factors. Long-term supply on all our chassis' is guaranteed.

IMPULSE can configure our chassis' to your exact requirements complete with single board computer, storage and O/S installation. We welcome custom chassis requests. 

Touchscreen Panel PC

IMPULSE offer the widest range of Industrial Panel PCs available from rugged industrial models for automation and process control applications through to ergonomic slimline designs ideal for Digital Signage and thin client requirements.

All our Panel PC are Touchscreen capable and come in a variety of packaging options including Open Frame, Panelmount, VESAmount and Full IP65 Waterproof designs. We can configure our Panel PC's to your exact requirements and custom designs are welcome. 

Touchscreen LCD Monitors

Our Touchscreen LCD monitors are ideal for any industrial or commercial application that requires long lifetime supply and support whilst maintaining competitive pricing.

Our substantial range includes Open Frame, Rugged IP65 Panelmount, Full IP65 Waterproof and Chassis Mount packages. All come with Touchscreen capability including Resistive, Capacitive, Surface Acoustic Wave and Infrared as well as Rugged Protective Glass options. Transflective and sunlight readable models are also available. 

Digital Signage Systems

Our Digital Signage products offer the very best in design and cost with long lifetime support and supply. Utilising PC and non-PC based platforms our range fits every requirement. Standalone and networked platforms are available and can be integrated with LCD displays for an all-in-one solution.

Content Managed Software is available to get your application up and running on time and on budget. 

Data Communication Products

IMPULSE understands the need for robust and reliable data communication systems in industrial applications and our carefully chosen product range reflects this.

Our range of Serial, USB and Ethernet adapters and cards are the most reliable on the market, many offering lifetime support and high MTBF figures and are used heavily in the Banking, Military and Mobile Markets. 

Data Acquisition Products

Our signal conditioning product solutions from Dataforth protect valuable measurement and control signals and equipment from the dangerous and degrading effects of noise, transient power surges, internal ground loops, and other hazards present in industrial environments.

These range of signal conditioners, transmitters and loop isolators include standard 5B and 7B form factors as well as innovative compact 8B and DIN-rail options all offering the highest specification on the market.  

C-Programmable Microcontrollers

Our successful line of RabbitCore Microprocessor Core Modules and Single Board Computers offers designers powerful solutions that are quick to develop and easy to integrate.

The product line has rapidly and continually expanded to encompass a wide variety of form factors, memory capacities, and functionality as well as meet any other embedded development needs.

Custom OEM board designs are welcome. 

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