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Live Webcasts
Live webcasts generally mean speakers in one location, presenting slides and discussing themes, reacting to audience questions and polls.

On-demand Webcasts
Our on-demand webcasts are generally all created with one purpose, training. On-demand webcasts allow a blend of the human touch of video to be combined with the simplicity of PowerPoint backed up by a measurable resource. Simply put, on-demand webcasts are the most cost effective way of delivering regular messages and this is simple to quantify.

Video Production

With so many video production companies in the UK, why choose us?

Because we are happy to focus on what we do best, namely cost effective shoots (generally one to two days) which make the most of the time available.  We are not trying to win awards with your budget (although recognition is nice when it comes), our directors aren’t cursed with huge egos and everyone in our team has a positive, can-do attitude.

Video Production

Digital Video Communication

If your company is based in more than one location and is not currently using a video conference solution, the chances are there is a saving to be made.

Our video conferencing technology enables any company with dispersed colleagues and operations to communicate more clearly, efficiently effectively. Furthermore the financial, time and environmental costs associated with having to travel to meetings can be eradicated.

Digital Video Communication
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