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At Inal Metals, we are a committed manufacturer and supplier of fabricated aluminium extrusions. We are based in Manchester but supply throughout the UK and on a global scale too. Our inhouse designer ensures fabricated aluminium extrusions are to your specification, giving you the confidence to rely on us for a cost-effective solution.

Fabricated Aluminium Components

As specialists in fabricated aluminium components, we can supply a vast range of quality products from aluminium tubes and angles to aluminium bars and cutting. We can work to include customer product specifications to ensure your fabricated aluminium component is the profile you want at a competitive price.

Aluminium Profiles

We strive to manufacture the aluminium profiles you specify and whatever aluminium profiles you desire. If we don’t stock them, we’ll manufacture them. We’re happy to be contacted for any queries.

Aluminium Products

We offer various aluminium products fabricated with state of the art cutting and host one of the only two saws in Europe capable of cutting to a machine finish.

Our range of aluminium products extends to extrusions for windows.

Equipment and Machining Capacity

Our equipment and machining capacity boasts a vast selection of machinery and applications such as the Teckna 442 with a 350mm saw blade for compound mitres. Many of our machines are built with advanced technological features to ensure we maintain our optimum services.

Examples in our equipment and machining capacity also include:

  • DOOSAN HM45H - Horizontal Twin Pallet Machining Centre
  • Mecal MC304 Arial - Vertical Machining Centre

The Aluminium Extrusion Process

The aluminium extrusion process involves pre-heated round ingots squeezed at high pressures through a required shaped hole in a steel dye. The aluminium extrusion process continues with the construction of hollow sections followed by the splitting of the stream of metal before it reunites at the mandrel.

  • The extruded section produced can be solid or hollow, simple or complex, large or small
  • Aluminium sections of astonishing complexity can be extruded
  • Most aluminium sections have a CCD of less than 200mm


Aluminium and its alloys are very resistant to atmospheric corrosion boasting a great chemical affinity for oxygen.

In severe environmental conditions, surface deposits may occur on the surface of aluminium, but the corrosion resistance can be increased with the application of anodic film.

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