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The employee enters their claim into a self-service portal with pre-defined parameters in accordance with company policies.

Submission, approval and forwarding to accounts is electronic and steamlined.

Purchase Invoice Management System

PIMS is a cloud based application accessible from all modern web browsers, designed to make the receipt, registration, circulation and approval of Purchase Ledger Invoices and Credit Notes an efficient process.

It has additional internal control and improved audit trails compared with the traditional 'paper-flow' method.

Sales Invoices

SIMS is a cloud based application accessible from all modern web browsers which allows you to create sales invoices to send to your clients.

Our online system allows you to create clients invoices in very easy steps and allows you to save and store sales invoices as well as clients details.


Purchase Orders

Our Purchase Order system delivers the principle benefit of approving costs before the expenditure is committed by placing the approval at the start of the procurement process and not at the end when the invoice is received.


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