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We have been providing our vast customer base with industrial automation systems solutions for 15 years.

Our expertise, skill and professionalism in providing turnkey solutions for industrial automation systems is comprehensive. You will not be able to find a more knowledgeable and considerate service to help meet your needs.

PLC Software Engineering

Process/Logic software is the most important aspect of your system. We understand your concerns regarding its continued functionality and performance. Our PLC software engineering capabilities ensure that your concerns and worries are put to rest.

Our PLC software engineering is easily managed, altered and is especially cost effective in the long term.

Feasibility and Design Specification

Our feasibility and design specification solutions are extensive. From the initial concept, we will ensure that you have your systems maintained correctly.

It can be tricky to determine precisely what is required for the correct long-term solution. This is why our approach to any project is identical -- our skilled experts put you in control with tailored, objective advice on your User Requirement Specifications (URS).

For the most reliable and comprehensive feasibility and design specification solutions, contact us now.

Electrical Design

Compliance and safety are paramount in electrical design. We can confidently guarantee that thorough consideration and care is given to everything we design.

Integrating your existing equipment is just as important to us as the new integrations. We carefully look at the best ways to retain old equipment and we advise you on the best possibilities before deciding on specifications.

SCADA Systems

SCADA systems are imperative to the success of any plant. The HMI is the gateway into your system and is immensely important regarding how well your operators can control, monitor and modify parts of your plant.

Our SCADA systems can be designed to replicate your current systems for increased user familiarity, ease of use and quicker education.

System Build

We appreciate in order to create a successful system build -- expertise, workmanship, top quality components and safety validation are all imperative processes.

Our system build solutions are created via trusted, long-standing partnerships. From building out control panels to electrical testing, our service is unbeatable.

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