We are one of the major suppliers to many of the countries aluminium system houses. We have many years of knowledge and experience as precision tool makers. We can provide the best service and quality possible.

As part of our precision tool makers service, we use the latest engineering technology to manufacture prototypes, pressed metal parts and prototypes.

Fixing Lug

A fixing lug is used in aluminium window systems and we have many years of experience in manufacturing window fixing lugs for the glazing industry.

A fixing lug can come in many different variants and for many applications including the assembly of aluminium window systems. We manufacture a large range of these items. Please contact us to find out more about our window fixing lugs.

Door Cleat

If you are looking for a specific door cleat or a specific door cleat application, we can offer a door cleat for a wide range of applications including patio door rollers. We have been operating for many years and can provide your door cleat for the exact requirement you need.

Corner Cleat

We can provide a wide range of aluminium window systems components to the glazing industry and we can manufacture your corner cleat for your specific requirement.

If you are looking for a specific corner cleat, we can help as we have the experience and knowledge to meet your demands.


If you are looking for a chevron as part of your aluminium window system, we can provide the solution.

We are able to manufacture a chevron for the specific requirement you have and we are a first tier supplier to many aluminium window systems houses.

Crimping Cleat

We are able to manufacture a crimping cleat that will more than meet your expectations.

If you are looking for a crimping cleat, we can help. Please contact us as we have a great deal of experience in the manufacture of crimping cleats, fixing lugs, chevrons and espagnolettes and patio roller doors.

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