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Here at ipolytech we specialise in plastic failure analysis. We use our detailed knowledge to determine the exact cause of the problem. We can find out through plastic failure analysis if it was a problem such as:

  • incorrect material selection
  • chemical & environmental interactions
  • response to long term loads
  • processing errors
  • inappropriate design

Once we have discovered the reason for the plastic failure we can quickly recommend the best corrective action to resolve the problem and prevent any further failure, saving you more time and money.

Design Development

Our design development team can work in conjunction with your design team to speed up the design process and ensure plastic products are designed for long term durability. We can assist you with prototyping, mechanical design assessment, materials selection and feasibility studies. Our design development also involves component testing and evaluation within appropriate costs and time scales as required.

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Design Development

Chemical Analysis

Our expert team can assist you with your specific polymer analysis requirements. We have a comprehensive laboratory which enables us to carry out chemical analysis experiments to find suitable filler, additive contents and contaminants on polymer surfaces and within plastics and rubbers. We can provide chemical analysis as on going quality control as well as a one off failure analysis.

Chemical Analysis

Mechanical Testing

We have a diverse range of mechanical testing capabilities for rubber and plastics. We specialise in a variety of different mechanical tests including compressive strength, density, flexural strength, tensile impact and falling weight impact. We can offer both long and short term mechanical testing for material and component performance.

Mechanical Testing

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Durability Testing

We carry out a comprehensive range of durability testing. We can provide you with relative and vital design data to enable you to construct realistic designs of polymer components. The durability testing we carry out includes: 

  • fatigue testing
  • tensile creep
  • compressive creep
  • torsional creep
  • hydrostatic creep
  • thermally accelerated ageing & testing
  • oven ageing
Durability Testing

Polymer Technology Training courses

We offer a range of polymer technology training courses. Our one to three day courses are available to technical and non-technical staff. Our standard courses include:

  • Introduction to Polymer
  • Technology Failure Reliability and Durability of Polymers
  • Polymer Basics
  • Understanding Additives
  • Online Webcast Training

We also offer courses that can be tailored to your specific requirements. All of our polymer technology training courses come complete with detailed notes which are constantly being improved along with the quality of our service and products.

Polymer Technology Training courses

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Expert witness service

Our plastic expert witness service has provided legal, industrial and insurance companies with failure analysis, defect and process faults/failures of Plastics, through years of experience and expert knowledge we provide a clear concise technical report and assistance.

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Expert witness service
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