Indestructible Cases Ltd

We specialise in protecting your equipment against water, dust, impacts and chemical corrosion. All our cases are waterproof, airtight, shock proof and all carry accreditations with a lifetime guarantee.
All our cases have been supplied to various military, medical, fire and rescue services as well as electronic, IT, and photographic companies. They are also used extensively by diving and scuba enthusiasts.

We offer two world famous manufactures.

PELI - the present market leader - manufactured in the USA and supplied to the entire alphabet of industries.
HPRC - with its sleek, elegant design and updated features is unique because it uses a patented plastic resin compound that makes its cases 20% lighter - but just as rugged- to reduce shipping costs and muscle fatigue.

We can protect cover and carry your equipment so that it is always available in peak working condition to perform consistently, excellently and reliably whenever and wherever it is needed.

All orders dispatched ex stock on the same day

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