Indico Rubber Co Ltd


We manufacture a vast selection of rubber products to numerous industries, a service we have been providing for over 30 years. We are rubber bellows manufacturers. As experienced rubber bellows manufacturers, we supply a wide range of rubber bellows to all industries.

We manufacture and supply:

Inflatable Rubber

The extensive variety of products we supply and manufacture include many options in inflatable rubber. With inflatable rubber, we cater for moulded and custom designs.

Elastomers we supply include:

Accumulator Bags

We also manufacture and supply a broad selection of accumulator bags or accumulator membranes for a number of industry sectors.

Our accumulator bags are built to specification and bladders with rubber moulded necks are also an option. A further option is for metal fittings to be chemically bonded into the top and bottom of the bladder.

Hat Press Bags

As specialists in rubber technology, our capabilities are extensive. We also manufacture hat press bags for the hatting industry.

These hat press bags are manufactured from a pure rubber stock and provide an impressive abrasive resistance. In the trade the compound is also known as a shotblast rubber.

Specialist Rubber Mouldings

We have been producing specialist rubber products for over three decades including diverse options in specialist rubber mouldings.

To produce our specialist rubber mouldings, we use innovative techniques, supported by our experienced staff who endeavour to produce the highest quality products to your exact specifications.

Extruded Products

We are also specialist manufacturers and suppliers of an eclectic variety of extruded products. These extruded products include tubing and profiles.

A variety of shapes and sizes are available with our extruded products and we have scores of dies in stock. We also offer the service of manufacturing dies to match your exact requirements.

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