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We provide induction pipe bending for companies in the offshore oil and gas production, general and process pipework and the power generation sector.

We are able to offer outstanding post-bend heat treatment applications that provide an extensive range of treatments. To help reach all our customers requirements we provide a comprehensive selection of services, additional to induction pipe bending, that includes destructive mechanical testing, non destructive testing, UKAS approved laboratory, bending, polypropylene and polyethylene coating treatments, grit blasting, pickling, and chemical cleaning.

We also provide packing and transport both internationally and within the UK. We can transport via air, sea or road and all deliveries are third party-inspected through certified agencies.  

Destructive Mechanical Testing

Accredited by UKAS to ISO 17025, IPB Mechanical Testing is a new test facility which complements the pipe bending business by offering a wide range of testing, all of which is machined in our own in-house facilities. We have had this subsidiary test facility since 2007.

Under our UKAS Accreditation the following tests can be carried out

  • Tensile testing (ASTM and BS EN)
  • Impact testing (ASTM, BS EN & IZOD) from ambient to – 196° C
  • Hardness Testing (Vickers and Brinell)
  • Corrosion tests on Duplex and Stainless steels to ASTM G48 – A
  • Macro and Micro examinations of metallic materials (Including both photo macro & micrographs)
  • Determination of percentage ferrite to ASTM E562
  • Weld testing (complemented by our NDE availability)
Destructive Mechanical Testing

Non Destructive Examination

Many of our bends undergo non-destructive testing, this is to ensure compliance with specification. This can involve a series of surveys using various means of fault detection or a basic minimum wall thickness check.

Our available range of in – house NDE comprises;

  • Magnetic particle inspection – standard format
  • Magnetic particle inspection – fluorescent format
  • Liquid penetrant inspection
  • UT wall thickness survey
  • UT straight beam lamination survey
  • UT shearwave survey
  • UT longitudinal seam weld survey
  • Surface hardness survey

Via further local sub-contractors we can offer additional NDE including;

  • PMI via non invasive XRF type technology
  • Ferrite check by Fischer Ferritscope
  • Radiography
Non Destructive Examination

Post bend heat treatment

A feature of induction bending pipework is that due to the heat input allied to the stresses formed during process, mechanical properties may be altered – sometimes significantly.

The majority of materials we bend, particularly high yield carbon & duplex type steels etc. require a full body furnace heat treatment after bending in order to either restore or, as is often the case, enhance mechanical properties. Through our local sub contractor we are able to offer a variety of heat treatments including

  • Normalise
  • Normailse and Temper
  • Quench and Temper
  • Solution Anneal
Post bend heat treatment

Chemical Cleaning

Our cleaning facility is housed as a stand-alone operation operating in full accordance with HSE requirements via three main acid pickling tanks, two being 4.0m x 2.0m and the larger 8.0m x 2.0m allied to a similarly sized passivisation area. We also have additional smaller tanks which, if requested can be commissioned on a dedicated basis for bespoke product.

Chemical Cleaning


Bevelling is available to typical API & ASTM / ASME requirements via a series of horizontal boring machines capable of varying capacity from 0.5” to 30”.


Packaging and Transport

Through our close relationship with a leading international freight forwarding company, packing to pallets, crates, cases and containers can be accommodated along with the option for transportation to destinations both in the UK and worldwide by road, sea or air.

Packaging and Transport

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