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At Inductoheat (Tewkesbury) Ltd, we are specialists in the induction heat treatment of most complex components.  By hardening, tempering and softening back operations, we complete large volume automotive processing to small batches of high quality precision components all to ISO 9001:2008 standard.

With a keen eye on kept on quality standards, we are able to control of all the parameters involved including in-house precision induction coil design and manufacture.

Induction Brazing

Inductoheat  operate braze assembly of a range of tube joints and other shapes using silver solder alloys. We also braze dissimilar metals (for magnetic and electrical purposes)

Coil Design and Repair

We complete coil design and manufacture. These designs can be applied to all methods of induction heating, softening back, melting with or without quench units. Our coil design process gives way to numerous applications such as shaft, sore, journal and gear components.

All of our inductor coil designs are tailored to suit our customer's individual requirements.

Fluxtrol and Ferrotron

For efficient induction coil design, we utilise fluxtrol and ferrotron. We offer comprehensive advice with the application and use of these materials in coil designs.

Our fluxtrol and ferrotron grades include:

  • Fluxtrol 'A'  is used from 1khz to approximately 50khz. The major area 3khz to 30khz
  • Fluxtrol 50 is used from 10khz to 1000khz. The major area being 50khz to 500khz
  • Ferrotron 559 is used from 10khz to 1Mhz. The major area being between 50khz and 500khz

Other Services

 We provide a range of other heat treatment and surface treatment services related to induction heating.

These include vacuum and furnace treatments plus  Grinding, Polishing and Sand/Bead Blasting to your specification.

With a graduate metallurgist in our team, we are able to offer our customers materials advice to ensure a trouble free transition through the development of each heat treatment process.

Other Services

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