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Inductotherm Heating & Welding Ltd is part of the Inductotherm Group which brings together over forty companies strategically located around the world, all serving the metals and materials industry - through the design, manufacturing and global supply of a wide range of induction heating equipment. Inductotherm Heating & Welding Ltd specialise in a number of process applications including:

  • Tube and Pipe Production 
  • Pipe Heating and Coating Systems
  • Wire Processing Equipment
  • Induction Forge Heating
  • Non-Ferrous Billet Heating
  • Induction Heat Treating
  • Induction Heating Power Supplies

Field Joint Heating & Coating

Radyne Merlin Heat & Coat Systems deliver the most efficient means of heating and coating field joints by carrying out both operations simultaneously.

This is a major benefit to offshore pipe laying organisations as the Merlin Heat & Coat System provides a reduced field joint processing cycle time, allowing a faster throughput of pipe preparation prior to laying.

  • Integrated induction coils in an easy automated open/close system
  • Fully automated precision control and application of a two-coat FBE and co-polymer coating
  • Multiple coating heads providing a faster, more even coating
  • Vertical and Horizontal operational capability
  • Standard modular frames and assemblies allow for simple infield reconfiguration for multiple applications
Field Joint Heating & Coating

Non-Ferrous Billet Heating

Banyard specialises in non-ferrous induction heating technology providing mains and low frequency heating solutions for Aluminium, Brass, Copper and exotic alloys for both sawn and sheared billets.

  • Zero Friction Billet Heater
  • Booster Induction Taper Heater
  • Extruheat Induction Billet Heater
Non-Ferrous Billet Heating

CFI Solid-State HF Induction Welders

Thermatool CFI series solid-state HF induction welders provide tube and pipe producers with a seam welding system which is soley designed to serve the tube and pipe production industry.

Built to a modular specification, Thermatool induction welders utilise the highest quality materials and are available with features such as:

  • Variable Frequency
  • Automatic Impedance Matching (AutoMatch)
  • HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) Control Technology

Performance, reliability and quality of end-product are key issues within the tube and pipe production environment, with the added task of producing a wide range of tube and pipe diameters. Naturally, Thermatool engineers design and build each application-specific induction welder with these issues in mind.

CFI Solid-State HF Induction Welders

Dual / Contact Welders

With ever-increasing energy costs worldwide, many tube and pipe producers have elected to install Thermatool CFD series dual mode induction / contact series welders. For welding in contact mode alone, Thermatool CFC series contact welders are particularly suited for I-Beam or Spiral Fin-Tube production.

  • Offers two welding processes in one single, solid-state unit
  • Satisfies demanding API pipe specifications when in induction mode
  • Achieves significant weld power cost savings when in contact mode
  • Offers quick-change capability between induction /contact modes
Dual / Contact Welders

Induction Heat Treating

Many metals require heating and/or heat treatment to achieve their optimum physical properties. Depending on requirements, IHWT engineers can specify either Banyard or Radyne induction heating solutions.

  • InductoScan® Modular Heat System
  • Statiscan® Modular Heat System
  • Flexitune
Induction Heat Treating

Induction Forge Heating

Newelco is the leading name in the design and manufacture of rugged, precision bar and billet heating systems. With over 60 years experience on forging applications, Newelco offers customers proven reliability and state of the art process (iHAZ) control.

  • SFC series Billet Heaters
  • SFR series Bar Heaters
  • InductoForge® Billet Heater
  • Vertical Steel Induction Billet Heater
  • Flexitune
Induction Forge Heating
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